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MBBS in China For Pakistani Students (Career Counseling in Urdu)

All About BDS & MBBS in China For Pakistani Students, Scholarships & Guidance in Urdu Language
Every year large number of FSc Pre Medical students fail in MCAT entry test in Pakistan. Some of them lose heart as they think that there is no alternative of MBBS and BDS. Majority of such students prefer to change their study stream. Either they give additional paper of Mathematics or they join arts stream. Its a 100% wrong approach. We have written a detailed article on the alternative options of M.B.B.S and BDS after FSc Pre Medical & A-Level. You must read this article for A to Z career counseling for FSc Pre Medical students. 

MBBS in China For Pakistani Students (Career Counseling in Urdu)

Its also a fact that M.B.B.S and BDS have also lost their charm and scope at least in Pakistan. Now FSc Pre Medical students have become victims of a cat race. We have also written a detailed article on the so called scope of MMBS and BDS. You guys must never lose heart as we are always here to guide you individually. Students who want to get M.B.B.S degree at any cost try to get admission in private medical or dental colleges. Some of them try to get M.B.B.S/BDS degree from China. 
We do not rule out this option at all but if you are interested in M.B.B.S degree from China then you must read the Urdu column given on this page for guidance in Urdu about MBBS in China. MBBS in China for Pakistani students is cheaper than private MBBS from local private colleges,but brothers you will have to face many difficulties after getting your degree. For example you will have to clear the PMDC exam for getting RMP status in Pakistan. Unfortunately standard of medical education in China is not equivalent to Pakistan, that why majority of students fail in PMDC exam. MBBS in China for Pakistani students is not a good option for you as now you can add the prefix of Dr with your name through following degrees and diplomas too;
  • DPT
  • Pharm-D
  • BHMS
  • DDNS
  • BDS
  • BEMS
  • DNS
  • DHMS
  • DND 
  • MSc Applied Psychology
  • PhD
  • DCLS (Doctor of Clinical Lab Sciences)
  • Medical Imaging Doctor (MID) 
These options are only for patients of inferiority complex. Neither females can find their dream husband by adding a prefix of dr with their name nor males can succeed in life through this scheme. So please come out of this illusion. If still MBBS China is your first priority then now you are at the right page. Read the Urdu article about MBBS in China for Pakistani students care fully and act accordingly. We will never disappoint you Inshaa Allah in case of any query from you about MBBS in China. We hope that you will like to visit not only our both sites but also their facebook pages for guidance about career and scope of BDS and MBBS from China, We have taken the below given article from best daily newspaper of Pakistan i.e Daily Express. Stay blessed always and always.  



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