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Learn Spiritual Healing With Professor Fazal Karim (Grand Master of Islamic Reiki)

An Interview with Professor Fazal Karim -Founder of Islamic Reiki 
I studied Physics by Professor Fazal Karim in government Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore. He used to invite his students at his home too for clearing their weak concepts of Physics without taking any tuition fee. Even in 1991 Professor Fazal Karim used to treat the patients free of cost. He had developed some unique machines for sending the medicines through waves to his patients out of city or country. Even in 1991 he used to receive unlimited calls from his patients daily. He never ignored even an ordinary taxi driver. He is still trying to understand and explain the different methods of spiritual and distance healing. He is the founder of Islamic Reiki. I feel proud to be his student. Today we shall guide you that how you can learn spiritual healing (Islamic Reiki) with Professor Fazal Karim. I am thankful to him for giving me an opportunity to interview him.      
My Test Study - Can you explain your method of treatment?
Professor Fazal Karim - Everything in this world has made up of waves. Spiritual treatment is a game of waves and frequency. Resonance is a famous principle of physics, which is also applied in our prayers, magic and even in the field of spiritual healing. There are many spiritual healers in the world, some are even non-Muslims, but even they don't know that how their healing process works. Only students of physics can understand this phenomenon. We are living in the world, where rules and principles of nature applies everywhere. Nothing is unexplainable in this world. Everything is planned and happens as per the rules of nature. We just need to discover these principles. 
My Test Study - Can everyone learn spiritual healing?
Professor Fazal Karim - Why not, it is not restricted to me at all. You just need to explore your God given hidden abilities for becoming a spiritual healer. Just try to increase your spiritual energy. You may increase this energy by many methods like by reciting the verses of Holy Quran, Darood sharif, Asma-ul-Husna (99 Names of Allah) regularly and by your good deeds too. In my opinion Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, Abdulsattar Edhi, Dr Amjad Saqib (Founder of Akhuwat), Muhammad Yunus (Founder of Grameen Bank) and all true social workers have also ability to heal the peoples. It’s also a fact that these people are not aware of their stature. You may also learn the spiritual healing by concentrating on the pieces of advice given on this page. 
Learn Spiritual Healing With Professor Fazal Karim (Grand Master of Islamic Reiki)  
My Test Study - Kindly explain the phenomenon of spiritual healing more for our readers?
Professor Fazal Karim - Here is the essence of spiritual healing for beginners. 
1-You must have believe in your ability to heal others. 
2-You must be a practical Muslim.
3-You must recite selected verses of Holy Quran, Darood sharif, Asma-ul-Husna (99 Names of Allah) regularly, rather i will suggest you to recite the whole Holy Quran. You should try to recite the whole Holy Quran in a month. There is no alternative of Holy Quran in this world. Try to understand its meaning too. It will increase your confidence level and you will be able to guide the people in their day to day matters too.
4-Sadaqah is the key to success in all fields of life including spiritual healing.  Suggest rather force your patients to give maximum Sadaqah as per their pocket regularly. You must also give Sadaqah regularly. 
5-Try to increase your spiritual energy. 
6-Avoid taking part in useless activities. Try to increase your concentration power by offering your prayers regularly. 
7-Beginners in the field of spiritual healing should recite Surah Fatiha 11 times on water. Ask your patient to drink this water after each prayer.     
8-Ask the patient to listen and recite the Surah Rehman and Surah Fatiha daily for maximum times with full confidence on the powers of Almighty Allah. 
9-Try to change the character of your patients. 
10-Try to improve the level of faith of your patient on Almighty Allah not on yourself. 
11-Never demand money for treating a person. 
12-Never claim that you can cure anyone. Arrogance will destroy your spiritual healing power. 
13-Try to boost confidence of your patient. 
14-Learn the basics of spiritual healing from an authentic teacher of this field. Remember that true spiritual leader will not force you to become his murid. There is a hell of difference between murid and student. 
15-Nothing is free and impossible in this universe. You can achieve any goal in your life, but you will have to pay its price. There are two kinds of prices of anything i.e voluntarily or involuntarily. After setting a goal in life increase the rate your free services for other (voluntarily price). You may also pay the price in form of prayers. Hard work and concentration on your goal is also a kind of voluntarily price. Involuntarily price may be against your will. 
16-Faith can break the mountains, so try to increase your level of faith on Almighty Allah and his given abilities. 
My Test Study - How lamas of Tibet cure the patients?
Professor Fazal Karim - Again it’s the magic of concentration, faith, resonance, frequency and waves. When the mental frequency of a lama matches with the frequency of his patient's disease, it brings positive changes in its body. Still it’s a question of metaphysics, but soon you will get the precise answer by scientists too. I cannot explain this phenomenon in detail in a limited interview. 
My Test Study - What is the difference between reiki, distance healing, spiritual healing and Islamic spiritual healing? 
Professor Fazal Karim – Islamic spiritual healing is purely logical and scientific healing. Its results are much better than any other distance healing methods. You can even treat incurable diseases through Islamic spiritual healing techniques. Reiki, and non-Islamic spiritual healing methods have no base. You can never get more than 30% results through them, whereas Islamic spiritual healing can give your minimum 70% results. 
My Test Study - Can a non-Muslim can learn spiritual healing?
Professor Fazal Karim – No, details will be given in my upcoming book.         
My Test Study - Have you trained anyone in this field?
Professor Fazal Karim - Yes, My son Ahsan Karim is interested in spiritual healing. He is a homeopathic doctor too. He rely more on spiritual healing than on medicines in his clinical practice. He is also compiling my book on spiritual healing. In fact he is a coauthor of my book. God bless him. 
My Test Study - Is spiritual healing related or physics or metaphysics? 
Professor Fazal Karim - Spiritual healing still lies in the jurisdiction of metaphysics, but i am 100% sure that soon physicists and physicians will give attention towards this field, as its rules and regulations are related to physics. No single human being can do this job alone. I will give the route for further research in this field in my upcoming book. My friend Qamar Iqbal Sufi has also worked a lot in this field. God bless him too. 
My Test Study - I know personally that Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, Justice Javeed Iqbal, family of ex finance minister Mehboob ul Haq. Bilal Hashmi (Professor in FAST University), Tariq Zafar Iqbal (Senior Vice President NBP). SP Babar Bin Dilawar, MPA Shah Jihan Begum, Justice Raja Afrasiab Khan, IG Ahmad Naseem, Ahsan Farooq (Son of Mian Tufail Muhammad ex Amir e Jammat e Islami), Ch Bashsir Ahmad (DPI), Ghulam Nabi DCO, Ijaz Sheik daily Jang, Mian Asghar Saleemi daily express,   Brigadier Sherazi, Ali Manzur Sama TV, Ch Bashir SSP, Shahid Rashid commissioner income tax, Deputy Secretary Anwar ul Haq, Principal Islamia College Muhammad Maruf, Shafiq Ahmad section officer Punjab secretariat, Colonel Amir (Pakistan Rangers), Anchorperson Azmat Shinwari Khyber Tv, Ijaz Ahmad IB, Colonel Atif Iftikhar ISI, Fiaz ul Hasan Director PTV have been your patients. My Test Study - Can you add more names for our visitors in this list?
Professor Fazal Karim - Not at all, as i hate personal exposure, i am in this field just to serve and teach the people not for making personal contacts with the elite class of Pakistan. In fact you have wrongly included me in the list of so-called spiritual leaders of bureaucrats. I am just a student of spiritual healing and trying to understand and share its principles.  
My Test Study - Who are your teachers in this field?
Professor Fazal Karim - Holy Quran, Hadith Nabawi, Science specially physics and my experiments and habit of reading books. I have more than 10000 books in my personal library. I will give the list of past work on this field by great Muslim scholars in my book. I am just trying to explore and scientifically prove their work. 
My Test Study - How our readers can contact you?
Professor Fazal Karim - Any one can contact me on my cell number i.e 0321-6460108 round the clock. My services are 100% free for every one. After first detailed call, they may inform me about their current position through SMS. Method of sending SMS will be explained in your first call.   


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