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Latest Zong Internet Packages 2018 - 2G, 3G, Super 3G & 4G

Zong Pakistan is a project of China Mobile. It is the newest but most modern mobile service provider company of Pakistan. Company has announced Zong Internet packages 2018 for its 2G,3G, super 3G and 4G customers. We have uploaded all these packages on a single page for you in a beautiful manner. You can compare different daily, nightly, weekly and monthly packages now on this page for selecting the best Zong Internet package for you. 

Your company has defeated all other mobile Internet service provider companies of Pakistan in the field of technology as it has introduced super 3G service, which has more than double speed than the normal 3G. It is the only company in Pakistan which possesses the 4G license. 4G LTE is more than 8 times faster than normal 3G. Normal 3G provides 21Mbps Internet speed, while super 3G provides more than 42Mbps mobile Internet speed. 4G LTE provides unbelievable 150Mbps mobile Internet speed. 3 and 4G service will provide you following facilities with unmatchable speed.

  • Extremely fast browsing
  • Live video calling allover the world with HD result
  • Live Satellite TV streaming 
  • You may download large size Email attachments very quickly.
  • Very fast multimedia streaming and download like songs and movies
  • Video call conference
  • You can play live heavy games and download them very easily.
  • In short using 3rd and 4th generation services will make your their addict. 


All Latest Zong Internet Packages 2018 - Daily, Nightly, Weekly & Monthly 2G, 3G, 4G Bundles 

Zong internet plan 3g 4g


Majority of regular mobile Internet users in Pakistan are preferring Zong super 3G on normal 3rd generation service provided by other companies. Although Warid has now also has launched 4G service but Mobilink has bought Warid and we will have to wait to see the result of this development in future. If you are Zong's customer than download the table given below for your ease.It will help you in future. You will not have to use the net for viewing the latest Zong Internet packages. If you have any question in mind about Zong Internet packages then contact us or call at 310 from your mobile.  From any land-line/mobile number you will have to dial 111-222-111 with the area code These are paid services in case of dialing 310, you will have to pay Rs. 2+tax,whereas normal charges as per your current package plan would be deducted from your balance for dialing 111-222-111.   We shall also provide you information in case of any change in tariff by the company.So stay in touch with and its facebook page for latest information about any Zong Internet package.  

                                           Latest Zong Internet Packages 2018 - 2G, 3G, Super 3G & 4G     

Zong internet plan 3g 4g



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