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Latest Jewellery Trends in College Girls

Latest Jewelry Trends Among Teenagers of Pakistan 
Jewellery has been a part of sub-continental civilization since prehistoric period. Ornaments made of gold, silver,copper,pottery and beads have been discovered in ancient civilizations of Harappa, Mohenjo daro and Taxila. The Indus valley goldsmiths knew how to make moulds for metal ornaments. Gold jewelry found from these civilizations consists of necklaces, bracelets, head ornaments, rings, broaches and bangles.The art has been perfected with modern styles and use of further materials. Besides gold and other metal jewellery stones, canch, wood and shells are used. New patterns are much in demand for their attractive style.

Latest Jewellery Trends in College Girls

A large majority of women like only gold ornaments, but due to high prices of gold and inflation now ladies are taking much interest in artificial and silver Jewelry too. Our basic purpose is to let you inform about latest trends, so let's talk about the running things. If you have a very simple suit for a party, to give formal touch you can use very heavy jewelry. On the other hand, with a heavy worked suit, always try to use delicate jewellery,  because jewelry plays very important role in enhancing your personality. If you are very tall then try to use heavy jewelry. 
Teenagers and unmarried women cannot look so beautiful in gold jewellery, so they should prefer artificial jewellery according to their dresses and taste. Teen and college girls can use antique jewellery too. These days antique ornaments are much in demand among college girls, because of the unique style.In our country Amin Gull Gee is very much famous for designing unique and antique styled jewelry. His medium is metal.He gives a modern look,even to old ornaments. His designed jewellery is very costly, so silver jewellery is a good alternative of his jewellery. But i don't recommend college girls to wear even artificial gold ornaments, as they look odd. 
You can use artificial diamond jeweley instead of it. Diamond ornaments are very costly but they add charms to your personality, so if you can afford than diamond jewellery should be your first choice. Artificial Chinese ornaments are not durable so avoid them. For ordinary parties you should wear only ring, necklace and ear rings, but for important functions such as marriage parties, you can use heavy ornaments.So live by the running trends and ideas which suits to your personality and have a impressive and confident personality. Stay connected with and its facebook about updates about latest fashion trends among students and teenagers.  



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