World Largest Landlocked Country | Kazakhstan Interesting Facts

World Largest Landlocked Country | Kazakhstan Interesting Facts

In this general knowledge article "World Largest Landlocked Country | Kazakhstan Interesting Facts", we shall have a brief intro of a large central Asian country 'Kazakhstan'. Historically the region remained inhabited by nomadic people. Later in the 18th and 19th century, Russian took over it gradually. In the 20th century, it became part of Soviet Union. In 1991, with the fall of Soviet Union, It became independent.

Kazakhstan Interesting Facts

Full Name

Republic of Kazakhstan






208,733,000 (2017 estimate)


Kazakh, Russian


Kazakhstani tenge



Independence Year


Iconic Symbol

Bayterek Tower



Form of Government

Presidential Republic with Bicameral Parliament comprises of Senate and the Mazhilis

Head of State

Nursultan Nazarbayev

Plug type & Drive side

Type C & right side

Largest Muslim Country

Kazakhstan is the largest Muslim country in the world. It is also largest STAN country.

Kazakhstan Interesting Facts


Kazakhstan Capital and Big Cities

At the time of independence the largest city of the country, Almaty was the capital of the country. Later in 1998 Astana was declared capital of the country as there are no geographical or physical hindrances to expand Astana, unlike Almata. It is located in the north of the country at the bank of Ishim River. Other big cities are Shymkent, Karaganda, Taraz, Aktobe, Pavlodar, Oskemen and Semey.

Kazakhstan Administrative Units  

Administratively Kazakhstan is divided into 14 regions/oblystar and three cities that are not part of any region named Almaty (largest city), Astana(capital), Baikonur. South Kazakhstan region is the most populous whereas Karaganda is the largest one (by area).

Kazakhstan Geography & Climate

Kazakhstan is geographically a rich country. Please Click Here To Read about Kazakhstan Geography.

Its topography contains canyons, deserts, depressions, mountain ranges, steppe and taiga. Its climate is arid continental with cold winters and hot summers.

Kazakhstan Demographics

"Kazakhstan" is a sparsely populated country with the about 20 million in only 15% less area than India (whose population is about 1500 million). About 55% of the population lives in urban areas. The literacy rate is more than 99%.

Kazakhstan is ethnically a diverse country like Brazil as the result of the amalgamation of Hun, Saka, Turks Russian, Mongols and other in the span of thousands of years. The major ethnic group is Kazakh, comprises near two-thirds of the population. Russian is the second largest group. The other people belong to various central Asian Turks, some Ukrainian and German as well.Overall there are more than hundred ethnic groups in Kazakhstan. 

More than two-third population is Muslim, second largest religious group is Russian Orthodox Christian with a small minority of Atheists.

Kazakh Plains - Kazakhstan Interesting Facts

Kazakhstan Flag

The background color of the flag is blue. It contains a 32 d golden beams Sun with an eagle flying below the sun and a yellow traditional ornamental strip at the hoist. The blue color symbolizes sky, water and Kazakh people unity. The emanating sun rays represent steppes and prosperity. Eagle is the most famed steppe bird implies freedom of independence. The sun in the flag of Kazakhstan has 32 beams, which symbolize progress and prosperity. The eagle symbolizes the power of the state.

Kazakhstan Flag

Major Corps

Cotton, Grain, Sugar Beets  

Major Minerals

Gas, Oil,  Coal, Iron ore, Manganese, Nickel, Cobalt, Copper, Bauxite, Gold, Uranium and a lot more. in fact, more than 100 periodic table elements.

Major Industries

Petroleum, agricultural machinery, electric motors, construction materials etc.

Famous Natural Sites

Turgay valley, Bakhash lake, Valley of balls, Charyn Canyon, Aral sea, Khan Tengri

Trading partners

China, Russia, and France, Germany and Italy are the major trading partner of Kazakhstan

We hope this "World Largest Landlocked Country - Kazakhstan Interesting Facts" article gives all significant information about Kazakhstan.


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