James Monroe Facts | Fifth President of USA

James Monroe Facts | Fifth President of USA

James Munroe was the Fifth US president.  He was born on April 28th, 1758 in Virginia.

Virginian president

He was the Virginian president and son of a landowner like other Virginian Presidents Washington, Jefferson and Madison. He was quite close with both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Like Jefferson, he was also in love with France. All three led their retired life in Virginia within proximity of each other. Washington respected and praised for his bravery in revolutionary war but was never close to him due to opposing political views. The distance was even got wider when as ambassador in France, Munroe criticized the Jay Treaty thus subsequently got fired.

50 Year Serving Country

By the time his two-term presidency ended, Monroe had served his country for 50 years, holding more elected public offices than any president before or after him. He served as ambassador in France and Britain. He became governor of Virginia twice. He worked in US cabinet as Secretary of State and Secretary of War.

Monroe has a foreign capital named in his honor

During Monroe presidency, a colony was established in the western coast of Africa for free black Americans, who were away from their mainland for generations. Later this colony emerged as an independent country named Liberia (see the name derived from liberation and event its flag resembles to US flag). Liberia capital Monrovia is named after James Monroe, he is the only US president having such honor.

Monrovia Liberia


James Monroe Presidency

He was elected for two consecutive terms and remained US president from 1817 to 1825. He was last founding father US president. During his tenure as president residence in Washington whitewashed and arguably after that was named White House. He was last who was never photographed. His nickname was ‘The Last Cocked Hat’ (due to his outdated revolutionary war era style). His first presidential tenure was termed as ‘Era of Good Feeling’, whereas the United States experienced its first economic depression during his second term that lasted about 3 years.

white house

"White House"

1820 Elections

He won 1820 election nearly unanimously, only lost one electoral vote. Only George Washing has won (twice) so sweepingly.

The Monroe Doctrine

He defined his famous foreign policy doctrine in an annual message to Congress in 1823, this later became famous as Munro Doctrine. In this doctrine, he established a line for the foreign policy that retained peace, prevented any major interruption of European powers in both Americas independent countries and kept away the USA from European politics about 100 years.

Florida Purchased

When Monroe was the ambassador in the UK during the first term of Jefferson as president, he visited Spain and tried to persuade Spanish authorities to sell Florida but failed in his attempt. Later after a decade when Spain was facing insurgencies in its Latin American colonies he again started talks with Spain about Florida. Eventually, Florida was purchased in 1819 from Spain during his presidency at the cost of $5 million and the US officially recognized Spain’s sovereignty over Texas.


"Everglades Florida"

Only person Hold Multiple Cabinet Roles

He was Secretary of State under James Madison later during the war with Britain in 1814 Madison appointed him Secretary of War as well. He is the first and only man in the US history who hold two cabinet positions simultaneously

James Monroe Death

Like his predecessor, his last years were financially troublesome.  Even it is said, he was used to say that he served the country for a long and now country should have to take care of him financially. He died in 1831 on US Independence Day on 4th July, on the same day in 1826 second and third US presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died.


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