Interesting James Madison Facts | Father of Constitution

Interesting James Madison Facts | Father of Constitution

James Madison was another US president who was nation founding father as well. He was born on March 16, 1751 in Virginia in the house quite rich landowner.

Fourth US President

He was the Fourth US president. He served as secretary of state during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson.

Father of Constitution

'James Madison' is known as the "father of US constitution" and bill of rights (though he initially opposed it). He played a great role in forming US constitution. He took part in writing the constitution, before that he studied various forms of government mutinously. He especially urged for a strong president, strong federal government, a sound system of checks & balances and population-based representation.

James Madison, Author of Federalist Papers

Later he worked for developing due consensus among different states, required to ratify the constitution. He was the coauthor of federalist papers along with john jay (first US chief justice) and Alexander Hamilton (first secretary of the treasury) in support of the Constitution.

Bill of Rights

Later he worked for the group of first 10 amendments to the Constitution related to fundamental rights that commonly known as Bill of Rights, ratified in 1791. Later he opposed Alien and Sedition Acts as he found it against the essence of civil rights.  

Shortest US President

With the height of 5 feet 4 inches, "James Madison" was the shortest UD president ever.

Interesting James Madison Facts | Father of Constitution

Interesting James Madison Facts

James Madison Friendship with Thomas Jefferson

He had life lasting friendship with third US President Thomas Jefferson, proved one of the most productive friendship in US history. He worked with him as co-founder of Democratic-Republican Party.

James Madison and Westward Expansion

He played a vital role in westward expansion. He was the main negotiator in Louisa purchase appointed by Thomas Jefferson. He convinced different states to cede their claims regarding land west of the Appalachian Mountains to the federal government. Later on, different new states (Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio) emerged from this land. The capital of Wisconsin is named after him.

Madison's Vice Presidents

 Surprisingly his both terms elected vice president died in office, no replacement was made each time.

Mr. Madison’s War  (1812 War)

USA was neutral during the Napoleonic war that was quite annoying up for the UK especially. They started obstructing US trade, inciting American Indians against US settlers and recruiting US sailors for its own navy.  

Frustrated by these steps and increasing internal pressure Madison declared the war against Britain and attacked Canada. Army and Congress were not ready for it. Moreover, it lacked support from some states (and thus their active participation). Initially, the USA many defeat at the hand of British especially on land, even once they had to evacuate Washington. Before leaving the Washington British troop to burnt down many public building including white house (known as Presidential Mansion at that time). In the second half of 1814 USA gained some victories especially at the Battle of New Orleans. The war ended as the result of Treaty of Ghent in 1814.

At the Battle of Bladensburg, he himself personally commanded armed forces, when British troops were marching towards Washington DC. This was the first instance when US commander in chief who was present in the battlefield. Abraham Lincoln was the only other president having this stature.

Secon Rector of University of Virginia

He assisted Thomas Jefferson in founding the University of Virginia. In 1826, He became the rector of Virginia University after Jefferson death and served till his death. He donated a major part of his own book collection to the university as well.

James Madison Death

In his last years, he faced financial troubles and deteriorating health. He died of heart attack on 28 June 1836, at that time he was the last surviving US constitution signatory. Later he included in the list of US presidents whose face imprinted on currency bill ($5000).

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