The World Islands Facts

The World Islands Facts

Largest Asian Island

Largest island in Asia is Borneo, Indonesia. 

Largest Asian Island Borneo-world third largest island

Largest African Island

Largest island in Africa is Madagascar. It is the fourth largest island in the world and largest single major island country. 

Largest European Island

Largest island in Europe is Great Britain with Iceland and Ireland second and third largest islands respectively. 

Largest island in South America

Largest island of South America is Grande de Tierra del Fuego distributed between Argentina and Chile, lies at the southern tip of the continent.

Largest island in North America

Largest island of North America is Greenland. Second largest Baffin Island also in world five largest islands.
Largest island of Antarctica is Alexander I, located near Antarctic Peninsula.

Largest Australian island

Largest island of Australia is Tasmania.
Largest island of Oceania is New Guinea. 

Largest Pacific Ocean Island

Largest island of Pacific Ocean is New Guinea.

Largest Atlantic Ocean Island

Largest island of Atlantic Ocean is Greenland

Largest Indian Ocean Island

Largest island of Indian Ocean is Madagascar 

Largest Arctic Island

Largest island in the Arctic Ocean is Baffin Island that is the fifth largest island in the world and part of Canadian archipelago. 

Largest Southern Ocean Island

Largest island of Southern Ocean is Alexander I

Largest Mediterranean Island

Largest island of Mediterranean Sea in Sicily 

Largest Caribbean Island

Largest island of Caribbean Sea is Cuba

Largest Pakistani Island

Largest island of Pakistan is Astola Island near Baluchistan coast.

Largest US Island

Largest island of USA is Hawaii

Ocean with most Islands

The Ocean with the most number of islands is Pacific Ocean.

Country with most Islands

The country with most number of islands is Sweden, Finland is at second with its tally around 180,000. Canadian archipelago contains perhaps more than these two but right now it tally is behind these two because of no precise official count. 

Largest island Country

Largest island nation country is Indonesia,

Smallest island Country 

Smallest island nation country is Nauru

Largest Uninhabited Island

The world largest uninhabited island is Devon Island in the Baffin Bay, Canadian archipelago.   

Most Populous Island

World most populous island is Java, Indonesia. 

Densest Island

The densest island among top 50 largest islands is Java 

Largest River Island

Arguably the largest river island in the world is Majuli, India. There are some larger islands in Amazon but they are located at its mouth and have some ocean coast as well.

Oldest Island 

Madagascar is considered the oldest island, it was once part of the subcontinent and separated from it about 90 million years ago.
World Highest Island Peak
Puncak Jaya (Mount Djaja) located in the western Pacific is the highest point in any island with the height of 16,024 feet.

the world islands facts - Puncak Jaya

Puncak Jaya

Three countries Island
The only island shared by three countries is Borneo, in Southeast Asia, which is split between Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei.

Largest Inland Island 

World Largest Inland Island is Manitoulin in Lake Huron 

Two complete Country Island 

Both Haiti and the Dominican Republic lie on Hisponalia Island.

Largest Unclaimed Island 

Antarctic island Thurston located in the Southern Ocean is the largest unclaimed island of the world.

Is Australia the Largest Island?

Both Australia and Antarctica are continents because these meet the criteria of the continent like separate tectonic plate etc. But if we put these facts aside and see in accordance to a simple definition of the island that a land mass surrounded by water then Antarctica would be the largest island in the world and Australia would be the second largest island.

Island Facts

  • Marajo Island lies at Amazon estuary is the world's largest fluvial island.
  • The most populous island country is Indonesia.
  • The most vulnerable island nation to global warming is the Maldives. 
  • Antarctic island Alexander is the largest island not part of any country, though Argentina, Chile and UK have claimed regarding its ownership.
  • The first emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte was born in French Mediterranean island Corsica and died on St. Helena Island, British Overseas Territory located in South Atlantic Ocean in 1821.
  • World largest artificial island is René-Levasseur Island Canada (Quebec)
  • Both Canada and Indonesia have 5 five islands in 25 largest islands. Though 2 of these Indonesian island are shared with other countries (Borneo and New Guinea).


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