s How To Improve Memory? Tips in Urdu & English
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How To Improve Memory? Tips in Urdu & English

We know that everyone of you wants to get information about how  to improve memory.  We shall provide you all the required information about your desired topic. You can read super  tips about how to improve  memory in Urdu language on this page. You must share these useful information with your friends and class fellows.  We are tying to gather and publish information about all the health care related issues of students. Our focus is on Pakistani students that's why are publishing majority of articles in Urdu language. 
Top 10 Memory Booster Techniques & Tips in English m& Urdu  

How To Improve Memory? Tips in Urdu & English 

Urdu article given below this post about how to improve your memory has been taken from digest of daily dunya. Original writer of this post is Dr Asif Mehmud Jah. This article is part of his book "Dawa, Ghaza Aur Shifa". It is the most recommended book for students and teenagers in Urdu language. You must also read this book. Dr sahib has shared his experiences of life with his readers in his book. In future we shall try to publish more articles from his world famous  book Dawa, Ghaza Aur Shifa. Students with weak memory must consult any qualified homeopathic or traditional doctor for treatment. 
1-Phosphoricum Acidum Q, Kalum Phos 3X and Anacardium 30 are best homeopathic medicines for improving the memory. For any further personal advice kindly contact our team of medical doctors and psychologists.  
2-You must change the programming of your subconscious mind through auto suggestion and self visualization. Both these techniques are very similar and easy. During auto suggestions session, you will have to send positive messages to your subconscious mind about your improving state of mind. Visualization process is more easy than the auto suggestion process. Here you will have to just see yourself on the place, where you want to reach in near future.    
3-Muslim students must say their prayers regularly with great devotion.
4-Try to improve your concentration level through prayer and  recitation of Holy Quran. 
5-Non Muslims should try to do yoga and exercises which can increase the circulation of blood towards your mind.
6-Balanced and natural diet can make you a superman, so try to increase the ratio of fresh juice and vegetables in your daily diet plan
7-Try to play just brain and  memory booster video games.
8- Take part in quizzes and extra curricular activities.   
9-EC-R, SQ3R and link methods can bring positive changes in your life. 
10-Please try to increase the ratio of dry fruit and seasonal fruits/vegetables in your daily diet.   
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