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How To Get Student Visa of Any English Speaking Country? Tips in Urdu

English has become an international language that's why every student who is  interest in study abroad prefers English speaking countries. USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are most famous and developed English speaking countries. Majority of students of the world want to get their higher education from one of these countries. Pakistani students also prefer these countries on other developed country of West and East. 
How To Get Student Visa of USA, Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand? Super Tips in Urdu 

How To Get Student Visa of Any English Speaking Country? Tips in Urdu 

Getting a student visa is not a tough job for a genuine student with a strong academic and financial background. Now a days majority of foreign embassies take the decision about the student visa on the basis of your documentation and supporting documents. Talented students don't rely on study consultants for study visa. They do the research on Internet and apply directly in the short listed universities and colleges. You may also do this. Consultants have no contacts with foreign embassies, they also do their work on Internet. Remember that Google is your best friend.  
Get the help of Google for solving your all worldly problems. After getting the admission letter from your desired college or university, visit the official embassy website and follow the given instructions about the student visa process. You may also visit the offices of study consultants for getting first hand knowledge about student visas of different English speaking countries. Just gather information for them and apply directly. Mr Yousuf is a famous study abroad consultant of Pakistan. He is also my class fellow, Unfortunately he failed to get study visa of an English speaking country in spite of many attempts. It was a blessing in disguise for him as he never took the services of any study abroad consultant. He always prepared his cases himself. During his struggle he learned the art of documentation and now has sent about 1000 students to different countries of the world. He has also visited many countries to sign MOU with different universities  of UK, USA and Australia. We are also going to launch a study abroad website using his expertises. 
We hope that you will also follow this success story. Please don't waste the money of your parents on study abroad consultants. You may also become a study abroad consultant with in 6 months by preparing your study visa cases yourself. We shall guide you in detail about this on our new website about student visa. Urdu article given on this page has been taken from daily Dunya.Mr Abdul Sattar Hashmi has written it.    .   
We are going to share basic information about student visa of USA, New Zealand, UK and Australia on this page in Urdu language. These initial information will help you in taking the first step for preparing your own case for student visa. We just want to advise you to furnish only genuine documents and never provide any false information in your application. We are living in the era of information technology, where everything is verifiable on Internet, so avoid using wrong tactics. Read the super tips in Urdu below this post about how to get student visa of any English speaking country. Visit for more guidance about study visa of all countries of the world.         



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