How To File Complaint in Consumer Court-Helplines, Tips in Urdu

How To File Complaint in Consumer Court-Helplines, Tips in Urdu

How To File Complaint in Consumer Court-Helplines, Tips in Urdu

Do you want to know about the process that how can you be able to file your complaint or any kind of issue right in the consumer court? We can tell you the process and complete guide. This consumer court let people file and register their complaints. We know that 15th March is the day of consumers. On this international day, Punjab government of Pakistan has initiated this project to let all consumer file up their complaints. These consumer courts are setups in all over the regions and in all over the cities of Punjab. If you find any issue while doing shopping, if you come across any small trouble while you are doing shopping then you can register that complaint in this consumer court. Some of the consumers have this issue that while they are doing grocery shopping then rate list is not visible in front of them. Most of the market owners, they do not display their product rate list and this causes a lot of trouble and inconvenience for the users and consumers. If you notice that your desired shop has not displayed this product and item rate list then you can make this issue to bring into light by registering your complaint in the consumer court.


"How To File Complaint in Consumer Court-Helplines, Tips in Urdu"

Range of Complaints Registered by Consumers

  • This is also a common complaint which is registered by many of the consumers, they do not find the product quality upto the mark. If you notice that your bought items and products quality is not upto the standard then you can file this issue in the consumer court.
  • It is most important for the consumers to let them know about the date of manufacturing and date of expiry of their products. If these details will be missing and not there on the products then consumers will feel reluctant to buy those products.
  • Some of the market owners do not issue a valid receipt to their customers. This is an unprofessional practice. All customers need a valid receipt of all those things and items which they have bought. If any of the shop-owner does not give and issue you with a receipt then you can file and register this specific complaint in the consumer court.

How to File Complaint in a Consumer Court?

These consumer courts are setup in all cities of this province of Punjab. You can file your complaints and consider them on the immediate basis if you face any issue from the side of consumer shops and markets. Call them on their helpline number or you can visit their office. We are sure that by using the services of these consumer courts, your shopping experience will become more comfortable. It is the duty of Punjab government to offer an easy and convenient shopping experience to their consumers. Punjab government should try its best to solve the above-mentioned inconveniences which are often faced by the consumers.
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