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How To Clear Different NTS & ETEA Tests? 20 Golden Tips

20 Super Tips For Clearing ETEA & NTS Tests 

Fortunately, if you have applied for any NTS or ETEA test then now you have landed on the appropriate site, where you can not only prepare yourself online for all NTS and ETEA tests but also can read super tips for preparation of all NTS and ETEA admission and recruitment tests. 
1-First you must try to improve your general knowledge. Read maximum GK books not only in English but also in Urdu. first recommended book for you is "Who is who and what is what". 
'How To Clear Different NTS & ETEA Tests? 20 Golden Tips' 
2-Never make a strategy for only NTS or ETEA test. You must prepare your self for all competitive exams like PCS, PMS and CSS. ETEA tests are also very mush similar with NTS admission and recruitment tests. So try to make short term and long term strategies for all competitive exams.   
3-NTS and ETEA both testing agencies provide the paper pattern, format, past papers, content weight-ages and model papers for test preparation, so you must first get help from these resources. These resources are 100% free so try to get benefit from them. 
4-Visit for online preparation exercises.
5-Try to improve your English grammar, conversation and writing skills.
6-For improving your creative writing skills try to write at least one essay daily. First read 2 to 5 articles on one topic and then write article on the same topic. 
7-Try to improve your both IQ and EQ level. We shall soon write an detailed article on the difference of IQ and EQ level.
8-Intelligent guessing is also an option for you. You may take calculated risks in objective questions during a NTS test..
9-Don't be in losing state of mind during NTS or ETEA written test. 
10-You are allowed for intelligent guessing. You will have to use your common sense for this purpose, so always remain in winning state of mind. 
11-Try to improve your analytical reasoning and logical reasoning skills for all NTS tests. 

12-You will also be asked questions related to class, subject, post and job for which you have applied. so don't ignore all these factors.   
13-Try to improve your creative writing skills. 
14-You will have to get at least 50% marks in written test after that you may have to appear in medical and physical test before interview,so prepare yourself for all these stages.  
15-Generally 100 MCQ type questions are asked in a written test without negative marking. 
16-Generally questions are asked related to following topics and subjects;
  • Urdu language and literature
  • Islamic studies
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Pakistan studies
  • General science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics)
  • Job or subject related questions
  • English grammar, vocabulary & composition
  • Communication skills in required languages
  • GK
  • International Relations
  • Current Affairs
  • IQ and EQ related questions
  • Mathematics
  • Computer science and information technology
  • Analytical reasoning
17-Try to visit educational, online testing and general knowledge related websites daily. Read online newspapers daily.  
18-NTS or ETEA have not published any helping books, so never buy any such guidebook.
19-Never rely on a single book or website. Try to improve all required skills by reading maximum related boos and by visiting related websites.
20-Last but not least, try to become a multidimensional person for clearing the written test, medical examinations, physiologists test and interviews of all kinds. May Almighty Allah help you in all stages of your life. Ameen.     



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