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Future of O-Level & A-Level in Pakistan

Difference Between O-Level/A-Level & SSC/HSSC in Pakistan 
There is no future of O-Level and A-Level in Pakistan. I personally hate all the signs of British imperialism and two of them were O-Level and A-Level.  Unfortunately these two programs had became very popular in our masses. By the Grace of Almighty Allah the time has come when even British universities are not accepting the O-Level and A-Level certificates. 

Future of O-Level & A-Level in Pakistan 

Its not my own claim, the best educationist of Pakistan who was appointed as Principal of Aitchison College, Lahore (Prof Dr Aga Ghazanfar) is also in favor of my point of view. He gave a detailed interview to daily Jang about his point of view. He was removed by the Punjab government from the post of the principal due to his strict merit policy. But fortunately Punjab High court has reinstated him as principal of Aitchison College, Lahore. Below this article we have given details of his interview given to daily jang about the future and scope of O-Level and A-Level in Pakistan. Just like your beloved admin he is also against O-Level and A-Level due to their reducing scope in job market. This great man has again launched matric system in Aitchison College, Lahore.We can just salute him for his great vision and forecasting. He thinks that SSC and HSSC are much better options than O-Level and A-Level due to their better scheme of studies. 
He says that in foreign countries local matric/intermediate and O-Level/A-Level certificates are treated equally. Students of both these systems have to pass special entry test. Only very small number of British universities are preferring O and A level certificates just because of their financial benefits. That's why Prfoessor Dr Aga Ghazanfar is playing a role of game changer and catalyst in the educational history of Pakistan. We hope that you will read the above given articles very carefully in the  light of Holly Quran. We will welcome all kinds of criticism from our readers. 



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