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Free Online Career Counseling in Pakistan By Myteststudy.Com

There is not concept of proper career counseling in Pakistan at any level. Neither parents nor teachers know the importance of career counseling in Pakistan. Majority of students don't know the importance of career counseling in Pakistan. Our students follow the current trends only. They have no idea that which field of study is better for them and why, that's why we have decided to launch a first ever career counseling website in Pakistan. 
Best Online & Free Career Counseling Facility in Pakistan 

Free Online Career Counseling in Pakistan By Myteststudy.Com

We shall try our level best to guide our each and every visitor individually. For large number of similar questions we shall write detailed article. We shall also write career counseling articles on different degrees,diplomas and short courses. We shall also share career counseling tips with our readers both in Urdu and English languages. We assure you that by reading our career counseling articles, you will also be able to suggest best courses to your class fellows, friends and relatives. We are team of professional educationists, who have more than 50 years of educational experience. 
Now we want to share our knowledge with each and every student of Pakistan through our website. You may also suggest us any topic for writing an article. We shall also welcome writings from our visitors, so please don't hesitate in asking any question from our quick response team. We shall not disappoint our any visitor, so pickup your pen and ask question about the scope of any program. Then experience the difference between your own website and other educational portals of Pakistan. We are sure that you will share your comments and views about our answers and articles about career counseling in Pakistan. You may ask any question to our career counseling team through our contact us form,email or comment box given below each post. Kindly visit myteststudy and its facebook page daily for free online career counseling in Pakistan and abroad. 



Shaheera  Posted on 07/02/2018 at 01:21:29 Reply

I am currently a student of the O'level Cambridge board in the future I believe I want to become a fashion designer but for that I need to do home ecnomics which is not available as a subject in A'levels i also want to go out of Pakistan to study and if do not do my college in Cambridge board will i be able to go out of the country without facing problems?

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