Florida Peninsula Facts | North American Peninsulas

Florida Peninsula Facts | North American Peninsulas

The earlier peninsulas related articles are about Asian Peninsulas and European Peninsulas. This article covers Florida peninsula & North American peninsulas.

Florida Peninsula Facts

Florida peninsula is located in the south-east of mainland USA. Most of the Florida state is part of this peninsula. During the Pre-Colombian era, the peninsula was inhabited by native Indians for about 12,000 years. It was part of Spanish empire before the USA purchased it in 1819.  The Atlantic Ocean is at East of the peninsula whereas the Caribbean Sea at the west and Florida Strait at the South. About 7% of the peninsula is under water. One of the world greatest wetland Everglades is located in Florida. One surprising fact regarding Florida peninsula is that geologist believes Florida Peninsula was once part of Africa. All of the peninsulae is quite flat even the highest point not exceed 100 meters. It forms one corner of famous mysterious The Bermuda Triangle. Florida peninsula emerged from sea millions of years after the extinction of dinosaurs. It is the flattest part of America.

Alaska Peninsula

The peninsula at the south west of Alaska extended 800 km. It separates Bristol Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Remember that this not refers to the whole state of Alaska that by the way itself one of the largest peninsulae in the world.

Florida Peninsula & North American Peninsulae

North American Peninsulas

Seward Peninsula

This is another large peninsula in Alaska. It is surrounded by Norton Sound (an inlet of Bering Sea), Bering Strait and ChuKuchi sea. The Seward Peninsula along with Chukchi Peninsula Forms the two end of past land bridge between Asia and America.

Kanai Peninsula

This Alaskan peninsula is extending into the Gulf of Alaska and located at Centre south of Alaska. 

Yucatan Peninsula

Yucatan Peninsula in Central America is famous worldwide for its history. It was a centre of Mayan civilization. Ruins of Mayan like Chichen Itza are a great source of attraction for visitors. It separates the Caribbean Sea from the Gulf of Mexico, with bordering the Yucatan channel as well. It comprises of the southeastern corner of Mexico.

Baja Peninsula

The Baja peninsula is quite thin and about 1200 km long exist to the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico. Two out of 31 Mexico provinces named Baja California Norte and Baja California Sur are located on this peninsula. From the West, it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and from the north by Gulf of California (Sea of Cortes).

Labrador Peninsula

It is one of the largest peninsulae in the world in Eastern Canada, bounded by Hudson Bay Hudson Strait, Labrador Sea and Gulf of Saint Lawrence. It comprises most part of Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador provinces.

Nova Scotia Peninsula

This island-like peninsula is connected with continental North America through the Isthmus of Chignecto. Like Labrador, it was also founded by French settlers. It forms the major part of Canadian province Nova Scotia that is one of Canada Atlantic and Maritime province.

Michigan Peninsulas

Upper Michigan and Lower Michigan are two suitable size Great lakes peninsula. In combined form, both of these form US state Michigan. Upper Peninsula is smaller and sparsely populated.  

Delmarva Peninsula

It is the only prominent US peninsula towards its eastern coast along the Atlantic. Peninsula comprises segments of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.  


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