Fun Facts about Money

Fun Facts about Money

This "Fun Facts about Money" article is about interesting and weird facts of money. To know about current currencies in the world please visit "Currency of Countries". To understand bitcoin and history of currency please visit "Bitcoin | History of Currency"

Oldest Currency

World oldest currency is Pound Sterling

Newest Currency

World newest currency is South Sudanese pound

First paper Currency

China was the first country who began the use of paper currency, initially, it was called the flying money.

Most Devalued Currency

Zimbabwe currency perhaps faced most suffering from inflation. In fact, they launched 100 trillion dollar note in 2008.

Largest Currency Note

World largest currency note was issued inPhilippine in 1998 on the occasion of 100-year independence from Spain celebration. Its size was 22cm x 23cm

Smallest Currency Note

World smallest note was issued in Romania in 1917, its size was 27.5mm x 38mm. 

Meat in currency Notes

According to a study, there are at least 24 countries whose currency notes the contain a traceable amount of meat in them. The list includes countries like Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Nigeria, Malaysia, Mexico etc.

Gold Backed Currency Notes

Many people think that the currency notes floated by a country are equal to the gold reserves it possessed. Historically it is true countries floated notes in proportional to the gold reserves they contained. But in 1970s US president Richard Nixon (watergate scandal president) ended the gold backed currency concept and now it’s only backed by country estimated potential or people trust.

Physical Money Amount

It is estimated that only 8 percent of world currency is physical money that is in cash, other is in banks and computers

Rum Rebellion

In the late 18th and starting years of 19th centuries rum used as currency Australia colonial territories like in New South Wales. When the government tried to end it that resulted in the only successful armed takeover in the history of Australia. It is also referred as the Great Rebellion.

Cacao beans as currency

The pre-Columbian Aztec Empire that was spread in current day Mexico and Central America used cacao beans as currency.

Cowry shells as currency

The Indian Ocean islands were used to cowry shells as currency

Stones as Currency

In different Pacific islands, large stones were used as currency, this practice is said to be continued in a couple of remote islands.

Dirty Currency Notes 

According to some studies, currency notes are among the dirtiest stuff in routine use.

Most Appearances on Currency

UK Queen Elizabeth II has appeared on more than 30 countries more than anyone else.

US Currency Facts

In the USA, Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy appeared on currency coins just after one year their deaths.        

Confederate Currency

During the US civil when Southern state separated from the union as Confederacy (CAS), they issued their own paper money apart from their President Jefferson Davis, George Washington and Andrew Jackson also appeared on their notes, both of these were slave owners Confederacy claimed them as their own.

American presidents appear on Dollar

There are five US presidents who appear in currently circulated currency notes these are George Washington ($1), Thomas Jefferson ($2), Abraham Lincoln ($5), Andrew Jackson ($20) and Ulysses S. Grant ($50). Besides current currency notes, historically William McKinley ($500), Grover Cleveland ($1,000), James Madison ($5,000) and Woodrow Wilson ($100,000) historically appeared on currency notes but these currencies are not in circulation now. Apart from presidents two Father of Nation also appear on current currencies these are Alexander Hamilton ($10) and Benjamin Franklin ($100).

Andrew Jackson on 20 $ note

7th US President Andrew Jackson $20

Highest Valued $

You may have guessed from the previous point that highest US currency bill is $100 and historically $100,000 was the highest amount currency bill.

Nop Paper in Paper Money  

Interestingly US paper currency bills do not contain paper they are formed by cotton and linen.

Living Presidents

In the US living president are banned to appear on currency.

Women on US Paper Currency

The First Lady Martha Washington is the only women who alone appeared in any circulated paper money.

First Women on US Currency

Spanish Queen Isabella (Queen at the time when Columbus discovered new world) was the first women who appeared on US currency coin.

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