Interesting Congo River Facts | Democratic Republic of Congo Facts

Interesting Congo River Facts | Democratic Republic of Congo Facts

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the fourth most populous country in Africa. It is the largest sub-Saharan country.

Zaire (Congo old name)

DR Congo was named Zaire from 1971 to 1997, the name was set by the dictator ruler Mobutu (ruled from 1965 to 1997). Zaire is a Portuguese name of Congo River.

Mount Stanley

Mount Stanley that is the highest mountain of Democratic Republic of Congo located in both the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda, it is the third highest peak in Africa (after Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya), it is named after so-called explorer Henry Morton Stanley.

Congo and Slavery

This region had been the victimize of Atlantic and Arab slave trade. The area of Kingdom of Kongo was the main source of slave provider for Atlantic slave trade from 16th to the 19th century, about 40% of slaves exported to the new world belonged to this region.

World Closest Capitals

Republic of Congo capital, Brazzaville and Democratic Republic of Congo capital, Kinshasa located at different banks of the Congo River are the nearest capitals in the world apart from Rome and its enclosed city-state the Vatican. 

Most bordering African Country 

It borders nine countries which makes it the most bordering African country. 

Largest French speaking Country

Though it served as the vassal state of Portugal during the era of Atlantic slave trade and later on colonized by Belgium its official language is French. In fact, it is the most populated French-speaking country in the world.

Interesting Congo River Facts

Congo River Facts

Interesting Congo River Facts

  • Congo River is the longest river of Congo (about 4,700 kilometers), it is the second longest river in Africa as well & ninth longest in the world.
  • Due to its curved shape Congo River crosses the equator twice, first from south to north and later from north to south.
  • Congo River flows through the world second largest tropical rainforest.
  • Congo River is the world deepest river, more than 700 feet.
  • Congo River is the most powerful river in Africa, it has potential to produce electrify that fulfill the needs of All sub-Saharan Africa
  • Congo River is the second largest river after Amazon River by discharge volume of water, surprisingly both rivers lie around the equator, both empty in Atlantic from the opposite ends. Amazon basin is the host of world largest rainforest whereas Congo River basin is the host of world second largest river.
  • Congo is connected with the Atlantic Ocean through a narrow strip, but its ports Boma and (largest) Matadi used for international trade are deep in the coastal strip at the Congo river.
  • Both Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are named after the Congo River, whereas Congo River is named after Kingdom of Congo that was located at the mouth of the river spanning in segments of these two countries and northern Angola, it had established in the 15th century and remained to exist more than 500 years.
  • Congo River had been the main path to the interior of central Africa. It is still main transportation source in the region. Two third of Congo is navigable through water and only about 2% of the country has paved roads.

Congo Rainforest

World second largest rainforest after Amazon Rainforest is Congo rainforest mostly is in the DR Congo, other countries that have segments of the rainforest are Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and the Central African Republic. 

Congo River | Democratic Republic of Congo Facts

Democratic Republic of Congo Facts

More DR Congo Facts

  • It is the world largest producer of Diamond
  • There are many animals like Bonobo, Grauer’s Gorilla, Congo peafowl, dryas monkey Black Mangabey, Thollon's Red Colobus, and  Okapi that are only found in Congo.
  • Virunga National Park, located in Congo is the oldest national park in Africa.
  • 60% of world cobalt reserves lie in DR Congo.
  • During the reign of King Leopold II that is also called the reign of terror half of the population was killed.

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