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Computer Tips in Urdu For All

Computer has become an essential part of our lives. In 21st century we can not even think to live without computer and Internet. Each and every student of Pakistan must learn the basics of computer science. We highly recommend that government of Pakistan should add the subject of computer science in the syllabus of primary classes too rather  Information Technology (IT) should be compulsory till intermediate.     
Latest IT & Computer Tips in Urdu For All

Computer Tips in Urdu For All

At present computer education in Pakistan is given only in English language. That's why we have decided the guide our students about basic computer tips in Urdu language. Today too, we are going to share some very useful computer tips in Urdu language. Myteststudy.com has also published facebook tips in Urdu language for our local visitors. Urdu speaking students must read these super tips too.    
After Industrial age, now we have entered in the age of information technology (IT). Industrial revolution period has end now. Now the future of countries and civilizations will depend upon their progress in the field of information terminology (IT). I am sure that just after one decade, a computer illiterate person will be considered an uneducated person, so all of you must get basic education of information technology (IT). In our modern world there is no alternative of information technology (IT). We are also going to provide you an opportunity to check your ability of information technology online. Computer tips given on this page have been taken from daily Nai Baat, which is the best educational newspaper of Pakistan. If you have interest in information technology (IT), then you must read this newspaper daily.     
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