Career of Merchant Navy in Pakistan

Career of Merchant Navy in Pakistan

Career of Merchant Navy in Pakistan

If you have this wish to join merchant navy then we can tell and give you great one career paths so that you can become a professional merchant navy officer in less time. For the information, these merchant navy officers, they are being employed by any of the commercial shipping companies so that they can be made to work out on all kinds and types of seagoing vessels. They have to work on the cruise liners and cargo ships, these merchant navy officers have to work on the tankers and too on hovercraft. They adopt and come out as a deck officer, you can also call yourself as engineering officer. For this profession, you should possess a team leading kind of capacity.  Being on this job line, you will have the main responsibility of navigating any kind of ship by making use of the state-of-the-art kind of radar and you should also know the use of GPS systems. You should know how to do the monitoring of weather reports, you should be listening to the broadcasts. These merchant navy officers have this duty  to make use of the on-board sort of communication systems.

Job Duties of a Merchant Navy Officer

If you are on post of merchant navy officer then you need to oversee and look after all kinds of operational responsibilities linked with your crew. You should know how to do the loading of cargo, know the use of machinery. You will have this big responsibility to make sure that each of the crew member comply with the safety policies.

Career Paths For Merchant Navy Officers

You can be on the administrative position or you can be on the managerial position. You can do the job like to maintain ship log. You can work as trainer so that you can give training to your junior staff mates. You can act as a monitoring officer so that you can carry out the monitoring budgets. You can have job as leader as in this job you will be leading all of your on-board marine engineers.

Progression Chances For Merchant Navy Officers

Once you will be done with your officer training then you will be pormoted to the higher level. Sooner you will be progressing in your line of career and sooner you will be getting more experience, then you will for sure see and come across many career opportunities. All those merchant navy officers who will get the additional training, they will obviously get many of the networking opportunities. Once you will be on the junior officer post then you will be promoted to the post of chief mate, you can even go for second engineer role once you will become more professional in this field line of merchant navy.

So are you ready to become a merchant navy officer? These are the basic and few career opportunities which you can have if you are in line of merchant navy and more employment opportunities linked with this field line will be provided and all shared with you.


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