Career of Horticulture in Pakistan

Career of Horticulture in Pakistan

What is Horticulture

Horticulture is the art and science of gardening. It encompasses various aspects of gardening like soil management, landscape development & restoration, growing plants, cultivation of shrubs & vines, the design of garden including its construction, and maintenance.

Career of Horticulture in Pakistan

Readers should note that this field and the career line of horticulture, it is the field of applied science that deals with all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and also with the ornamentals. It is a diversified field and it can give you unlimited and varied career opportunities. If you have a two-year degree or if you have a four-year degree then you can be on any of the horticulture positions. From this page, you can know about countless career options which you can opt in your life if you have studied and got the degree of horticulture:

Job as Ecological Landscape Officer

If you have studied horticulture field extensively then you can be on the post of ecological landscape officer or as urban forestry officer. In this job line, you will be creating and making vital landscapes that will be able to give ecosystem services.  This job title will be able to manage any kind of landscaping business. He should be able to establish and create landscapes for any of the homeowners and too for the commercial properties as well as for the public properties.  He or she should maintain public parks and too botanical gardens.

Job as Ecological and Sustainable Horticultural Producer

If any individual has been in-detail linked with field line of horticulture then he or she can have job and can be posted on the job title of ecological and sustainable horticultural producer. In this job, any of the individual should be able to own as well as manage a nursery or a greenhouse. You should have ability to own and manage a orchard or vineyard or be it a market garden. You will be advising and giving suggestions to the growers. You will educate public regarding and all about the ecological issues which are linked with horticulture.

Other Job Areas may include large institutes like universities & colleges, nurseries, parks, agricultural farms or research institutes, vast open historical places, golf clubs, botanical gardens and public horticulture department.

Career Path as Horticultural Research Officer

You can become a research officer in this field of horticulture. In this researching job, you will be working as a laboratory researcher.  You will be asked to participate in the breeding of new fruits and vegetables as well as ornamentals.  These professionals will create innovative methods so that these methods and procedures can control these pests and diseases properly. You should know proper ways of exploring and discovering emerging and dynamic field of horticulture

Job as Turf Manager

In this job, you will serve and act as the superintendent of any of the golf club.  You will be able to oversee all of the sports parks right as being on the post of athletic field director.  Then in this particular job, you will maintain fields and grounds.  You will work for parks and to work on the recreation programs right as facility manager.  Then you will be using these ecologically sound kind of methods so that you can reduce water and fertilizer as well as pesticide use in order to create and make the wildlife habitat.

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