Career counselling and Scope of Mining Engineering

Career counselling and Scope of Mining Engineering

Scope of Mining Engineering

For the information, this particular field line of mining engineering, it is too called with the name of mineral engineering. It is the branch of engineering which is all related with the study and researches of applications as well as techniques which are used to extract valuable kind of minerals right from the natural surroundings.  Here you will know about overall career growth line is one is linked with mining engineering field.

Career Opportunities in Field of Mining Engineering

Once you will complete your studies of mining engineering then you will get many of the and various job and career prospect chances. You can work with the private companies or you can work for these government companies. One will have and encounter many of the progressive opportunities. You can also be self-employed, you can even work as one of the independent consultants, you can be employed right on the contractual basis. You can have job as a mine manager or as a quarry manager.

Job Options in Field of Mining Engineering

Job as Research Mining Engineer

You can have the job as research mining engineer if you have studied the degree program of mining engineering. It is these research mining engineers that mainly work in the universities or they can work in any of the research centres. You may have your specialization in fields like that of rock engineering and mining economics, or you can specialize in the geology project design.

Job as Coal Mining Engineer

Then people who have studied the program of mining engineering, they can also have coal mining engineer. In this job, you will be working in the open pits or you work in these underground mines, these engineers have to make use of variety and bunch of mining methods.

Job as Consultant Mining Engineer

Then these professionals who are linked with field of mining engineering, they can look for the job as consultant mining engineer. In this job line, you will work and act as consultants and you will be involved in many of the projects and mining methods, you have to show involvement in large number and different set of technical areas.

Job as Open Pit Mining Engineer

Then this job line as open pit mining engineer is opened for these mining engineers too. These engineers have to work in all kinds of surface mines like that of quarries.

Job as Underground Mining Engineer

Then we have this last job option for these mining engineers. If they have degree of mining engineering in their hands then they can easily have job as underground mining engineer. These engineers have to work and complete their tasks in all sorts of deep mines. All of the minerals which are present in these mines, they are then being removed mechanically and then these minerals are transferred with te help of a shuttle car.

So if you have studied mining engineering then above are main job lines and main employment options which you can have and opt. Stay tuned and more details of mining engineering field will be shared.


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