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Career Counseling & Tips About Police Jobs in Pakistan

If you have interest in police jobs then now you are at the right website. Police is plays the role of main civil law enforcement agency in all civilized countries. That's why recruitment process in Police is very rough and tough. You will have to be physically as well as mentally fit for winning police job of your choice. For the post of ASP you will have to clear CSS exam as its a gazetted post of 17th grade whereas for the post of Inspector you will have to clear PMS exam. 
Career Counseling & Tips About Police Jobs in Pakistan 
Junior posts are filled through departmental, NTS, ETEA and PCS papers. These papers are generally of MCQ type. 100 object questions (MCQs) are asked about general Mathematics, English, Current Affairs, Pakistan Studies, Every Day Science, Islamic Studies and Urdu. Students who are preparing themselves for competitive exams must also appear in the tests for SI and ASI posts as it will give them confidence about their preparation. I would rather suggest that in case of success you must accept the post for which you have applied as one in hand is better than two in bushes.     

Golden Tips For Police Jobs in Pakistan 

  1. You must go gym daily for improving your stamina. Jogging and physical sports will also help you in remaining fit. Remember that police jobs are only for super fit individuals.
  2. Medical and mental fitness is also required for police jobs in Pakistan and abroad. You must go at least once in year for complete medical checkup.
  3. Chose your subjects in intermediate and  Bachelor very carefully. You must study those subjects in these classes which you want to opt in CSS and PMS exams. 
  4. Try to read maximum general knowledge books. Rather reading general knowledge books should be your hobby. 
  5. Read daily newspapers, watch news channels and visit informative websites daily.  
  6. Now a days some Middle East countries like Bahrain are also recruiting policemen from Pakistan. These foreign police jobs are also very attractive for Pakistani youth,
  7. For clearing the interview you should try to improve your communication skills and for this purpose you should take part in speech competitions and group discussions. 
  8. Remember that IQ and EQ levels are of same important, so you must have a stable personality. Try to learn the difference between IQ and EQ level. EQ level is required to clear the psychological tests.
  9. Good creative writing skills is required to clear subjective type exams, so try to write at least on essay daily on different topics for improving your creative writing skills.     
  10. Police jobs are also available in Army, ASF, Pakistan Railway and traffic department. You must apply for such police jobs too. 
  11. If you have decided to apply for police jobs below the post of inspector then your focus should be on objective type questions. "Who is Who and What is What" is the most recommended first book for preparation of such police jobs in Pakistan. Many publishers have published this book but you should buy it from a renowned publisher only. is going to provide you facility of online preparation for all kinds of police jobs, so stay in touch with it and its facebook page. 



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