Career and Scope of Orthoptist in Pakistan

Career and Scope of Orthoptist in Pakistan

Career and Scope of Orthoptist in Pakistan

Do you want to know about the field line of orthoptist? Do you want to opt this line of profession? From this webpage, you will get the complete detailing that which job and career options you can have if you want to be in this field line as orthoptist. It is all true that there has been a strong and massive demand for these orthoptists all over in the world. If you have studied this field line then you can readily and instantly get the employment and have your job in the hospitals, you can do the private practice, you can also work in the low vision agencies. You can find jobs in the universities, you can work in the eye research centers and in many other field line areas. First let us have a look at those details and information that which sub field lines for opened for this line of profession:

Sub Fields Opened for Orthoptists

  • Anatomy and Physiology field line
  • Microbiology field line
  • Field line of Ophthalmic Pathology
  • Field line of Neuro-ophthalmology
  • Field line Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Other Areas Opened for Orthoptists

  • Field line Binocular Vision
  • Field line of Concomitant and Incomitant Strabismus
  • Pediatric Eye Care field line
  • Low vision field line

Job Duties Performed by Orthoptists

It is the job of these orthoptists that they have to help out people who have eye problems like that of squint or if they have issue of double vision.  They also have to investigate and carry out the diagnosis, they have to come up the treatment of defects linked with binocular vision, they have to identify and treat all kinds of abnormalities which are linked with eye movement. They mainly carry out these treatments and they are eye patches, vision exercises. These orthoptist professionals, they can work in the eye hospitals or they can work in the hospital eye department, you can work in some community health centre. You can too be visiting schools, special schools, and private clinics.

Career Prospects for Orthoptists

If you will work and have your job in the special schools then your targeted patients will be small children. You will be treating small children who have special needs. You will treat their eyesight problems and issues. Normally adults have double vision problem and this issue arise because of diabetes and thyroid disorders or too because of the issue of multiple sclerosis. You will be diagnosing and these orthoptist professionals will be monitoring these long term eye conditions like that of glaucoma. You can be working independently too or you can work with some senior and most experienced eye specialists, you can first get some experience from consultant eye surgeons, professional optometrists.

So if you have decided that you want to become an orthoptist then above is the complete career guide for you. Stay tuned with us and we will guide more orthoptists out there that how they can polish their career line.


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