Career And Scope of Nursing in Pakistan

Career And Scope of Nursing in Pakistan

Career of Nursing in Pakistan

If you are on the profession line and you are one of the registered nurses then we can tell you that how far this career and area is great for you! These nurses are the one who coordinate in the area of their patient care, they also educate patients regarding their health conditions and they too provide advice to their patients. These nurses are the one that give an emotional support to patient family members.

Duties Performed by Nurses

  • They have to keep the track of their patient medical histories. They have to administer their patients’ medicines as well as details of their treatments. These nurses have to do the keen and close observation of their patients and then they have to make the recording of their observations.
  • They have to teach their patients that how easily they can manage illnesses.

Job Options in Field of Nursing

  • You can work as one of the addiction nurses, in this job line you will take care of the patients who want to overcome their level of addictions. If any of the patient has an addiction with alcohol or if he has addiction with drugs, then these addiction nurses are hired to treat and help them out.
  • You can opt the job line as one of the cardiovascular nurses as well. In this subjected job line, you will take care and handle those kinds of patients who have heart disease and heart surgery.
  • If you will be working as one of the critical care nurses then you will be made to work in the intensive-care units like that of present in the hospitals, you will be giving complete care to your concerned patients.


Other Great Job Lines For Field of Nursing


  • You can work on the post of genetics nurse as well, in this job line, you will be able to provide screening and counseling, and also treatment to your patients who have genetic disorders like that of cystic fibrosis. Then many of the medical institutes are in need of nsephrology nurses. These nurses have to take care of those patients who have kidney-related sort of health issues, if you are a patient of diabetes, if you have the issue of high blood pressure, if you have been the victim of substance abuse, then these nurses will be handling you.
  • If you will be working as rehabilitation nurses then you will be taking utmost care of all of your patients who have temporary or if they have permanent disabilities. It is the main duty of these nurses that they have to promote this concept of public health and they can accomplish this mission by educating people.
  • If you are working as one the job line of clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) then note that is one of the advanced practice sort of registered nurses and these nurses direct and guide patients who have psychiatric-mental health illness. These nurses also give indirect care, they do so by working out with their other staff so that quality of health care can be improved among their patients.

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