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Career & Scope of Degrees in Advertising-Super Tips, Degrees & Jobs

Advertising is an art as well as a science. Its the most demanding filed in the modern world. If you have a creative mind then a degree in advertising can change the whole scenario of your future. You must be able to think out of the box for making advertising campaigns for different kinds of clients. Its a fact that talents makes its own way still a degree in advertising can polish your hidden talent very quickly. You will not have to lead a life of trail and error. This field can make a creative person millionaire in no time. 
Career & Scope of Advertising in Pakistan & Abroad-Golden Tips, Jobs & Courses 
Now a days no business can flourish without proper advertising. Multinational companies spend billion of dollars on their advertising campaigns. Due to expansion of media sources, advertising has become a complex field. You will have to learn all the techniques of TV, social media and online advertising. One must get professional online advertising certificates from Google and other online websites too. You need to learn SEO too as you can advertise a product through the website of your client too. Try to learn that how to hit the target market through online and off line adverting in minimum possible budget. Its the super tip of advertising.

Career & Scope of Degrees in Advertising-Super Tips, Degrees, Jobs & Topics

Almost all local and multinational companies hire an advertising expert in their marketing department to deal with advertising agencies or for making advertising campaigns for their different products. I am an expert of advertising and writing this article on the request of your admin. I will also try to reply your queries related to my article. In fact i have make several plans of different budgets for different kinds of products. I spent almost one year in research for making these plans. These plans are key of my success in this field. You must also do your personal home work and research if you want to excel from your colleagues. Your plans should be practicable and time tested. Check their result and feasibility at small scale first, as i managed many free campaigns of products of my friends and relatives to get confidence on my skills in the start of my professional career.Even in election 2013 i worked as an volunteer in media cell of a political party. I was class fellow of your admin in SEO class 4 years before. Although i continue to study further after that, like i have got almost all Google's certificates, but your admin is also is going very well, as i am very much impressed to see the standard
We are living in an e-world, where e commerce has become very popular. You need to learn to techniques of e commerce too as in near future almost all companies will have to enter tin this field too. Advertising is an ever changing field and only those individuals can become successful advertising experts who stay in touch with the latest developments in their field and who have deep interest in this field. A book worm can not succeed in this field as its not an academic field its a research based practical field, where only those creative persons can succeed who believe in hard work. You must also have ability to convince the clients about the results of your plan. Try to make convincing demo presentations for mastering this skills.
In Pakistan many universities are offering different degrees, diplomas and certificate courses in advertising like HU is offering B.Sc/MSc Film,TV, Advertising & Media Studies degree. Iqra university is offering MS degree in Advertising. For more examples search on Google. MA Mass communication/Journalism and MBA marketing degree holders can also join this field. You may get jobs in advertising agencies, media houses, websites and multinational companies.      
Core Topics/Subject
Here is the list of some most important topics in all major degrees of advertising in Pakistan.
  • Media and Communication
  • Writing and Communication Skill
  • Media Industry and Technology
  • Advertising
  • Video and Audio Production
  • Electronic Media & Its Utility
  • Media Marketing
  • Print Media 
  • TVC
  • Outdoor Media
  • Script Writing
  • Information Technology
  • Film and TV
  • Management 
  • Online Advertising
  • Computer Programming
  • Oral Communication
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Mass Media Practices
  • Media Production
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