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Career & Scope of BDS & MBBS Degree (Career Counseling Article in Urdu)

Urdu Article About Scope and Career Counseling of BDS & MBBS Degree
All FSc Pre Medical students want to get BDS or MBBS degree at any cost. Some of them even spend large amount of money for getting BDS or MBBS degree from China, Russia and other Central Asian republics. 
MBBS degree has become a craze and status symbol in our society. The days have passed when BDS & MBBS degree was a key to success in Pakistan. Now you can read the details about current on ground situation in the Urdu articles given below. This Urdu articles about career counseling was written by Affan Qaiser who is also a doctor by profession. Dr Affan warns the FSc students that medical field is not a bed or roses at all. You must also think about alternative options. Don't spoil the money of your parents by getting admission private medical and dental colleges These colleges have become a mafia. You will have to pay 3.5 to 5 million rupees in these dental and medical colleges for getting a BDS or MBBS degree. 

Career & Scope of BDS & MBBS Degree (Career Counseling Article in Urdu)

Young doctors are still struggling for their service structure. There are very limited jobs are available in government hospitals of Pakistan. Please do not become the victim of so called glamour of medical profession. 
Pakistan government is spending a very minor amount of money health sector. For private practice you need huge investment and luck. MBBS from China is not accepted in Pakistan, every one will call you made in China doctor. You will have to clear PMDC exam for getting the license to practice in Pakistan. Majority of students fail in this exam every year. We also 100% agree with dr Affan Qaiser as cream of our youth is wasting their talent in medical field. At present we need experts of IT and software. First you must think about the alternative options in medical field. If you are not satisfied with any alternative option of MBBS and BDS the give extra paper of Mathematics and go for BCS, BS Computer Science or BSCS. Its just a recommendation only for those students who have interest in Mathematics as we strongly believe that one should proceed in the field of his interest only.      
If you want to add the prefix of dr with your name then you have many other choices too. Read our following article for detailed guidance in this regard.
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