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BS vs BSc & BA (Career & Scope)

BSc and BA are 2 years under graduation course after intermediate, where as BS is a 4 years graduate program. BSc is a traditional associate degree in science subjects and one have to go for MSc or MA after simple BSc. BA is also an associate degree in humanities or Arts subjects. BS is considered equivalent to MSc or MA. After BS you can get admission directly in MS or MPhil programs. BS degree was introduced in Pakistan to reduce the difficulties of those students who want to study abroad. Now BS degree holders can easily get admission in any master degree of foreign universities. Four years BS degree is much better option for than simple 2 years BSc degree. BSc (Hons) is a best alternative of BS. Even Arts students should also prefer BS on simple BA
B.S vs B.Sc & B.A (Career & Scope) 

BS vs BSc & BA (Career & Scope) 

In associate degrees 2 more elective subjects are taught and one can change his/her future career path after graduation. Where as in BS you are given detailed knowledge about one specific subject and you can proceed further only in that specific subject. Students who are not sure about their future career path should go for associate degree. But if you are sure about your future career plan then go for BS degree only. 
Medium of instruction in majority of BS degrees is English. Till now government has failed to provide PhD faculty in government colleges for BS programs, that's why majority of students are taking admission in semi-government and private colleges and universities. Government should also upgrade the labs for BS programs. 
BS degree has great scope in local and foreign job markets. Employers are not recruiting simple graduates now. Each company loves to hire the specialist of its required field.  
In majority of BS programs students have to write research paper or thesis. This will help you in MS/MPhil and PhD. In simple BSc or BA exams are taken annually where as BS is a semester based program. Semester exams are taken after every six months.
If you want to appear in Competitive exam (e.e PCS, CSS or PMS) then associate degree is best option for you. As you can appear in competitive exam after two years after inter. Where as BS degree holders have to wait for 4 years for appearing in any of the above mentioned competitive exam. Associate degree holders also choose the elective subjects easily in PMS and CSS exams. We suggest that after two years BS students should be allowed to get associate degree. They should also be allowed to appear in CSS or PMS exams after the completion of their first two years. 
Although BS degree has some draw backs too but overall its better degree than BA or BSc. 
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