Brazil Information

Brazil Information

In this "Brazil Information" article, we shall have a brief intro of a large and mysterious country Brazil.


Brazil Information

Full Name

Federative Republic of Brazil






208,733,000 (2017 estimate)






Catholic Christian

Independence Year

1825 (when recognized)

Iconic Symbol

 Christ the Redeemer (statue), Rio de Janeiro


The form of Government

Presidential with the bicameral legislature

Brazil Discovery & independence

Brazil is considered to be discovered by Pedro Alvares Cabral’s a Portuguese diplomat in 1500, it remained a Portuguese colony till its independence in 1825. For the detailed overview of its history please visit Brazil History.  

Brazil Information - Rio De Jinero

Christ the Redeemer

Largest Country in South America

Brazil is the largest country in South America, it is also largest country in the Southern Hemisphere and fifth largest country in the world. The pattern repeats if we analyze by population. Brazil is the most populous country in South America. It has the largest population in Southern Hemisphere and it is the fifth largest country in the world by population. It covers more than 47% of the continent. It contains about 49% population of the continent.

Brazil Neighbors

In the north Brazil borders with French Guyana (France largest overseas territory), Suriname, Guyana and Venezuela. Colombia is in Brazil North West side. Peru and Bolivia reside towards its west Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay border it from the south. In fact, apart from Chile and Ecuador, all South American countries border it. The Atlantic Ocean is its east and northeast side, overall its coastline is about 7500km.

Major Cities & Rivers

Sau Paulo is the largest city in Brazil. Other large cities include Rio De Janeiro, Salva, Brasilia and Fortaleza. Manaus that is the 7th largest city of the country is just located at the heart of Amazon. Amazon River is the world largest and second longest river in the world. The other notable rivers include Sao Francisco, Tocantins and three famous southern rivers Paraguai, Parana and Uruguai all three empties to Atlantic by farming Rio de la Plata delta.

Brazil Administrative Units  

There are over all 27 states of Brazil, with Amazonas is largest one. Amazonas area is more than 15 lac square kilometers, it is about twice the area of Pakistan and 9th largest state/province in the world. Brasilia is the capital of Brazil since 1960, it was created in 1950’s and completed only within 41 months. Earlier Rio De Janeiro was its capital. If we go in more past Salvador was its initial capital in the 16th century when it was a Portuguese colony.  

Brazil Map

Brazil Map

Brazil Geography


Brazil is famous for world largest tropical rainforest Amazon. About 60% of Amazon rainforest resides in Brazil. 


World largest wetland Pantanal is located in the south of Brazil along the border of Peru and Paraguay. Most of its part is in Brazil, in rainy season its covering area exceeds from 2 lac square kilometers.


In the along the border of Guyana highlands are spread in Venezuela, Guyana and northern Brazil. Brazil highest point Pico da Neblina Also resides here. Mount Roraima is quite famous in Guyana highlands, it is divided between all these three countries. Brazilian Highlands are found in the south and south-east of Brazil.

Mata Atlantica 

Other Major forests in Brazil is Mata Atlantica along the coast of Atlantic and extended inward as far as Paraguay. 

Brazilian Highlands

Most of the south and south-east is comprises of Brazilian highlands. It is an eroded plateau area full of hills and small mountain range with the maximum height of 9,482 feet at Pico da Bandeira. It covers about half of the country.


In central Brazil, just south and south-east of Amazon, vast savanna grassland covering more than 20% of Brazil. It is mostly surrounded by Mata Atlantica, Amazon and Pantanal.


The pampas, which are fertile fields in South America are starts from the south of Brazilian highlands. Though most of it in Argentina and Uruguay but most southern state of Brazil Rio Grande do Sul contains some of it.

Brazil Demographics

Brazil population is more than 200 million. It is a culturally rich and diverse country, its population comprises of various races and ethnic groups. White is about 48% whereas mulatto (mixed racial) is about 43%, blacks are less than 8% and natives(indigenous) are less than 1% left now.  Most of the people live in 300 km strip along the Atlantic coast whereas most of the interior is sparsely populated.  Religiously most of the population is Christian (Catholic). More than 85% of the population lives in urban areas. The literacy rate is about 90%.

Brazil Flag (Auriverde)

Brazil current flag is official since November 1889, when it became a republic. The green color in Brazil flag represents lushness of Amazon and Pantanal. The inner yellow diamond represents country wealth especially gold. There are 27 stars on the globe surrounded by diamond reflects the total number of states as USA flag. Order and progress are written on the inner strip in the Portuguese language.

Brazil Flag

Major Corps

Sugar, Maize, Rice, Coffee, Soybeans, Soybeans  

Major Minerals

Tin, Gold, Raw Iron, Copper, Bauxite, Lead

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