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BISE Malakand Board Matric & Inter Roll No Slips 2018

BISE Malakand Board Matric & Inter Roll No Slips 2018

Just check out all of the updates regarding the issuance of these matric and inter roll number slips from this page. If you are a student of this BISE Malakand board and if your school or college is affiliated and has been linked with this board then note your matric and inter class roll number slips will be issued in the coming days. Here on this page we are giving you a link. Just click on the link and then you can easily download with your roll number slips. Once you will download your roll number slip then you have to check it again and again. There comes a situation many of the times when there are errors and mistakes in your roll number slips. To be on the safest hand side, you have to counter check and verify the details of your roll number slips again and again. If there are any mistakes in this roll number slip of yours then you can contact with your respective institution. You can convey this important detail to your institution that this is the error and these are the mistakes which are present in your roll number and you need to rectify and correct these mistakes on an instant basis. So when these matric and inter roll number slips will be issued by this BISE Malakand board, we will let you know/

Activities Performed by BISE Malakand Board

This BISE Malakand board has this responsibility to lay down the conditions and rules so that admission processing, registration processes, enrollment of students, examination processing can be carried out. This board implement the rules and conditions regarding the finalization of syllabus and curriculum. This BISE Malakand board withdraw recognitions as well as accord recognitions, it refuse recognitions and affiliation processes. To award and give scholarships, to offer and give medals, to offer merit certificates and also to give honours to these deserving and meritorious students and candidates, these are the prime and main one responsibilities which are carried down by this BISE Malakand board. Inspection of educational institutions, inspection processes of schools and colleges, they are being carried out and completed by this BISE Malakand board.

Get BISE Malakand Board Matric & Inter Roll No Slips 2018 From Here

So if you do belong to this BISE Malakand board, you can keep in mind this important news that you can download yours BISE Malakand board roll number slips with the help of this page. This webpage is giving and providing you a link, you can click on the link and then you can all go smoothly download your matric and also inter roll number slips. We are wishing good luck to these BISE Malakand board students as well. May all of you get passing marks in this examination.

Stay tuned because more examination updates on these matric and inter classes are coming soon.



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