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Best Self Help Formula

In this "Best Self Help Formula", we shall see how to assist yourself to face different problems that are becoming hindrances in our personal growth.

Top Self Help Formula For Everyone  

In this post we shall share best self help formula with you. No body can help you in resolving your personal issues. There is just formula for resolving your all problems which we shall share with you in this articles. This formula is called in put and out put theory. You can fulfill your all desires in life by increasing your out put, Here by our put i means all that things which you do for others. 
Newton had rightly said that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Believe me that this rule applies on our daily life too. Input (success) which we receive in our life is always equal to our out put. Out put is not restricted to material help only. You may also provide your services to others too. 

Best Self Help Formula 

God only helps those who help their fellow man. Its a time tested formula and almost all divine have preached the same message. You may become a multidimensional person by giving serving the humanity in all possible ways. Your first and last objective in life should be to help others, Its the best self help formula in this world. There is price of of our each desire in life. Whenever we get anything in life some other things goes out from our lives. This thing may also be very important for us. If we want to get anything without losing any important thing then we should continuously give out put voluntarily. 
I shall try to make you understand this theory with the help of a practical example. Almighty is just for his all creatures and he has given 100 points to everyone. Someone may have 20 marks for outer beauty, 40 points for wealth, 10 points for health, 10 points for knowledge, matrimonial bless and family happiness each. This person has extra wealth so he can remove all other deficiencies in life by dividing his extra wealth in poor people. Every one of us has something extra in life like knowledge, wealth, health etc. We can get our required things by helping others with our extra given powers.
One must has a multidimensional personality, which is quite possible by giving voluntarily out put. If we are struggling for removing our any deficiency in life without giving voluntarily out put then we may lost any other important thing from our life as no one can get even 101 points in his life, so please try to understand the philosophy of life, Bill Gates has distributed about 90% of his wealth among poor and needy people as he has also learnt this theory. After taking this decision he has again become the richest man of the world. Can you explain that why this happened. This miracle happened just due to the implication of newton's third law of motion and out put theory. You will see that in near future his family will also not experience any problem in life. We are always here to guide you about more details of this self-help theory, so use the comments box given below for sharing your views and asking any questions about self-help.    
Hopefully, this 'Best Self Help Formula' will be proved beneficial to cope with wide range of issues.



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