Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Unique Diet Plan For Weight Loss With 25 Super Tips 
If you are over weight and now looking for best diet plan for weight loss then fortunately now you have reached on the right web page. On this page we shall share some great tips about diet plan for weight loss. Read and follow these super tips and diet plan for weigh loss very carefully.
  1. You will have to become a calorie conscious person for controlling your weight. Never eat any thing after getting your daily required calories. Its the best method to control your weight. Alternatively you can increase the duration of your daily excessive. Yes, you will have to take exercise daily as per your excessive weight. Remember that your weight should be as per the body mass index.
  2. Fasting not dieting is also a best method for reducing weight quickly as dieting is not a true alternative of fasting. 
  3. Muslims should says their prayer regularly. Period of each and every movement of prayer should be at least double than your regular practice.
  4. Avoid eating red meat but never use poultry products as they are the major source of gaining weight. In fact all kinds of artificial products are harmful for human health.
  5. Seasonal fruits and vegetables of your region are gift of Almighty Allah for you, Eat all seasonal fruits and vegetables during their season only. Avoid using stored or imported fruits and vegetables. There is no alternative of planning of Almighty Allah for us.
  6. Increase your consumption of water. You should drink at-least 8 glasses of water daily. 
  7. Full fat milk is harmful for you so try to drink only skimmed milk.
  8. Eat fresh salad of seasonal vegetables and fruits with your all meals. Its also recommended that you should eat only salad one day in weak, One day in a weak you should just drink fresh juices or eat seasonal fruits. 
  9. Never eats any kind of products of potato like snacks, french fries, samosas and pakoras prepared in oil. 
Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss
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Super Tips About Diet Plan For Weight Loss

  1. Use virgin olive oil only. 
  2. Use honey instead of sugar even in tea too.
  3. Never use sweet dish after meal. Heavy spices in meals compel us to eat sweet dishes after every meal so try to reduce the use of spices in your meals. Eat fresh fruits as an alternative to sweet dishes.  
  4.  Lassi and fresh juices are the best alternatives of cola and soda drinks. Remember that even processed juices and energy drinks are harmful for you, so never drink them.
  5. In spite of fried vegetables use boiled vegetables only.
  6. Try to increase the percentage of Chinese dishes in your menu.
  7. Never use excessive spices.
  8. Reduce the use of oil in your food. Try to eat boiled food or cook the meat with its own fat.
  9. Remember that honey is the best alternative of all kinds of artificial sweeteners including sugar.
  10. Coffee, tea, cold coffee and even green tea are harmful for you.
  11. Try to offer Salat-ul-Tasbih daily. 
  12. Eat yogurt only maximum times in a week in spite of regular food. 
  13. You are not allowed at all to use bakery items and artificial sweets.
  14. Try to reduce your TV watching time and play any physical game daily at least for one hour.
  15. Use warm water and drink fresh lime water with honey mixed in it twice in a day for reducing your weight quickly.
  16. Never use food supplements or artificial vitamins rather use fresh vegetables and fruits alternatively.          
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