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Best & Easy Skin Care Tips (In English & Urdu)

Skin is the largest and most sensitive part of our body. It needs continuous care. You skin is your first introduction. Everyone of us must be very conscious about the health of his/her skin. Beauty parlors are using substandard creams and cosmetics, so never rely on them for your skin care. Quality skin care tips available on Internet are in English language, that's  why has decided to publish skin care tips in Urdu language for females and males. 
Skin Care Tips in Urdu And English For Women & Men 
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Best & Easy Skin Care Tips (In English & Urdu) 

We have taken these skin care tips in Urdu from daily nai baat Lahore, which is one of the leading newspapers of Pakistan. Rabia Sherazi and Ayesha Khan are the writers of these skin care tips in Urdu.
20 Skin Care Tips in English  
Here are twenty skin care tips in English;
1-You will have to change your life style for having shiny and healthy skin. 
2-Natural food can keep your skin healthy, so try to use natural oil (preferably olive oil), honey, fresh juices and milk products.
3-Avoid junk food and use fruits instead of fast food.
4-Vegetables can provide you with all necessary vitamin required for skin care.
5-Say your prayers regularly and take exercise daily.
6-Give maximum out put to others as your deeds also leave effect on your face beauty. 
7- Cold drinks, chocolates, coffee, cigarettes and tea are harmful for your skin.
8-Avoid using chemical products for skin care. Chemical products can destroy the beauty of your skin.
9-Heavy make up and use of chemical cosmetics can make your skin rough. 
10-Increase the ration of salad in your food.
12-Use natural products like honey, milk, curd, fuller's earth, eggs, rose water and vegetables instead of steroids and chemical based products.  
13-Remove your make up before going to bed.
14-Take bath daily and take steam bath too when needed. 
15-Water can also make your skin fresh and healthy, so try to drink maximum water daily. Generally it is  recommended that everyone must drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.  
16-Yoga exercises are also very useful to protect the skin.
17-Beauty parlors can destroy your skin, so try to avoid visiting substandard beauty parlors.
18- Consult only skin specialist in case of any chronic problem. 
19-Sun rays are biggest source of vitamin D but excessive sun rays may change the color of your skin.
20-Avoid using spicy food, fats, sweets, fried and artificial food products.  
Skin care tips in Urdu have been given below this post. Visit regularly for reading more best and easy skin care tips in Urdu. 



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