What is a Bay | Bay of Bengal | Hudson Bay

What is a Bay | Bay of Bengal | Hudson Bay

What is a Bay

A Bay is a partially enclosed coastal body water with a free connection to the open sea.

Difference between Bay and Gulf

Both Bay and Gulf are water bodies connected with sea or ocean but most of them are enclosed by land from mostly from three sides. There are subtle differences between these two. Bays are usually a small body of water with a wider opening. These are normally alike semi-circle in contrast to gulfs that are more enclosed by land. Click here to read more about Gulf.

World Largest Bay - Bay of Bengal

World largest Bay is the Bay of Bengal, lactated in the Northern Indian Ocean surrounded by Deccan peninsula, Bangladesh and Indochina.

Hudson Bay

Another famous bay is Hudson Bay a large water body in Canada. It is second largest bay in the world and largest one with respect to having the longest coastline. One of important thing about Hudson Bay is earth gravity that is less in its surrounding area than other parts of the world. It was discovered in 1611 by Henry Hudson, who was discovering Northwest route to the Pacific Ocean, The bay is named after him though he was no successful due to his less determined crew resistance and could not survive as well 

Some Major Bays in the world

  • The Bay of Biscay is well-known bay due to its worst weather especially in winter, it borders Spain and France.
  • Bay of Pigs and Guantánamo Bay are two Bay of Pigs bays along Cuba famous for Guantánamo Gail and failed CIA operation (Bay of Pigs Operation) against Cuba leader Federal Castro in 1961.
  • The great Australian Bight is a famous quite wider bay at southern side of Australia
  • James Bay in Cana is quite interesting, it is a bay inside a bay. It is a large body of water in the Southern End of Hudson Bay. As this whole region water bodies routinely get freeze in winter, James Bay is the last to freeze
  • The Pakistan famous bay is Gwadar Bay lies to the west of Gwadar port bordering Pakistan and Iran partially.
  • Chesapeake Bay is one of most famous shallow US bay. It is the largest estuary in the US and third largest in the world 

There are some interesting exceptions of both like the Black Sea, which is taken as bay or gulf though it has only a narrow outlet to the Mediterranean Sea.

Note: Estuary is a bay with one or more rivers flowing into it.


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