US President Andrew Jackson Facts | Democratic Party Founder

US President Andrew Jackson Facts | Democratic Party Founder

Andrew Jackson was seventh US president. He was born on March 15, 1767, South Carolina. Both of Jackson parents were Irish immigrants. He had a tough childhood.

Early Life

He had not got formal education and possessed a short temperament. He was a notorious gambler. He fought more than a dozen duel. Even He killed a man (Charles Dickinson) in a duel in 1806 who insulted his wife. In this contest, he himself also received the bullet though survived but that bullet remained in his body all the remaining life.

War Hero

He was the only president that had been a former prisoner of war, during the Revolutionary War. He was also the only president who took part in both Revolutionary and 1812 war. He was commissioned major general in 1812. He defeated the British ally Indian tribe Creeks in 1814 at Alabama. He was the hero of the battle of New Orleans where he defeated the British in 1814 despite being outnumbered by two to one.

He had great respect among his troops and earned ‘Old Hickory’ nickname due to his toughness, determination and sharing hardship with his men. His opponents called him jackass.

Early politics

He became the member of House of Representatives in 1796 just after Tennessee had got statehood. Later in 1797, he became the senator. He served as Judge from 1798 to 1804 in Tennessee. In 1821 he became first Governor of Florida. In 1823 he was again elected as senator.

1824 Presidential Elections

Jackson lost in 1824 presidential despite taking most popular and electoral votes. Despite having most electoral votes he had less than the required for the necessary majority and he lost in House of Representative's run-off, allegedly due to  “corrupt bargain” Henry Clay with Adams.

Democratic Party Founder

He founded the Democratic Party and was the first US president from Democrat party.

7th US President 

In 1828 presidential election he won and became 7th US president.  Later he was re-elected for the second term in 1832. He did not reluctant to use the right of veto, used it 12 times during his tenure more than any president till that time.Jackson insisted on the country paying off its debt by January 1, 1835, at the latest and vetoed infrastructure bills in order to maintain the frugality that he promoted. The U.S. held no national debt from 1835 until a recession hit in October 1837. He curbed corrupt elements in different executive and administrative areas. He did not let the re-chartering of the Second Bank of the USA using veto as he believed that the bank is unconstitutional and in favored the elite than common people. He also moved government money to the state bank. He was the first U.S. president to come from the area west of the Appalachians and the first to gain office by a direct appeal to the mass of voters. 

Andrew Jackson Facts

Origin of "Kitchen Cabinet" Term

As the US president, Jackson relied more on his informal inner circle advisers than the formal cabinet for policy matters. This close advisory group was known as "Kitchen Cabinet".

Andrew Jackson Weird Facts

  • The capital of Mississippi state Jackson is named after him.
  • He face was printed on currency $20 bill and he has appeared in thirteen different postage stamps only three presidents are with larger numbers.
  • He was quite close to Aaron Burr.who killed Alexander Hamilton.
  • As he was self-made, rose from the lower class and his public support was also mainly rooted to poor class.
  • He was also called President of Common man. 
  • He was the first president on whom an assassination attempt was made in 1835.
  • He unknowingly married his wife before she had been legally divorced.

Indian Removal Act

He forcefully relocated Indians to the west of Mississippi in accordance with controversial Indian Removal Act which was passed in 1830.

Dred Scott Decision

Apart from Indian Removal Act, another controversial decision of Jackson was the nomination of his supporter Roger Taney to the US Supreme Court. Though the nomination was rejected on Chief Justice John Marshall death he re-nominated him and this time nomination was approved. Taney later renowned for notorious Dred Scott decision (which did not recognized African Americans as citizens of USA and denied federal government authority to forbid slavery in the country.

Andrew Jackson Death 

He died of heart attack on 8 June, 1845

He was the first president on whom an assassination attempt was made in 1835.

He unknowingly married his wife before she had been legally divorced.


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