Amazon River Facts

Amazon River Facts

Amazon River Facts

Amazon River lies in South America it is the longest river in the continent. It runs through Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Guyana, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil, from eastern Brazil and empties to South Atlantic.

World Largest River

Amazon River is the world largest river by the flow of water. Its average discharge of water is so much that it is more than the combined flowing water of next seven largest rivers. The volume of water varies from 6,357,000 cubic feet per second to 12,007,000 cubic feet per second

World Longest River?

It is world second longest river after the Nile in Africa (6,650 km), its total length is about 6,400km. It does not meet ocean at one point, it has several mouths including estuaries so the exact ending point is uncertain. Moreover, some recent claims mark origin in more deep in Peru. Due to these conflicting claims and measurements, some sources argue it as the longest river in the world.

Change in Amazon River Direction

It is believed that fifteen million years ago Amazon flows westward into Pacific. Then on the collision South American plate and Nazca plate (southeastern plate in the Pacific Ocean), Andes Mountain ranged (the longest mountain range in the world) formed. The Andes blocked the western way and it became a landlocked lake for five million years before opening its mouth to towards east into southern Atlantic.


Nazca and South American Tectonic Plates

World Widest River

It is the widest river in the world as well. During rainy season some parts of it get wider more than 190 km, its estuary about 330 kilometers wide.

Origin of Amazon River

The ultimate origin of the Amazon River is a question that has not been solved for last four centuries and still is an open question. Marañón River in northern Peru, Ucayali River, Lake Ticlla Cocha at the base of Mismi (volcanic) mountain have been mistaken as the origin of Amazon. The latest and current guess is Mantaro River in Peru

Amazon Effect on Atlantic

20% of fresh water that gets into the Oceans comes from Amazon. The huge volume of fresh water reduces the water Atlantic salinity and change its color to about 2.5 million square kilometers.

Bridges on Amazon River

Historically there was no bridge across the Amazon River as most of it flows through the world largest rainforest Amazon and its immense width. Now a couple of bridges have made on its tributaries.

Amazon River Facts - Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest

Largest River Basin

Its basin is the largest drainage basin in the entire world. It stretches about 7.5 million square kilometers. World largest tropical rainforest, Amazon rainforest is located here.

Largest City along Amazon River

Manaus, the capital of Amazonia state is the largest city along the Amazon River.

Martin Strel

Martin Strel, is a Slovenian swimmer who swam the entire length of the Amazon River in 2007, it took him 66 days.

Hamza River (Amazon Underground River)

There is an underground river name Hamza River, flowing under the Amazon about 4000 meters beneath the Amazon River, its length is about same as Amazon River but it is hundreds of time wider than Amazon River.

Amazon River Facts - Map

Amazon River Facts - Amazon and its tributaries map

Tributaries of Amazon River

There are more than 1,000 tributaries if Amazon River, with more than 20 longer than 1,000 kilometers. Major tributaries are Maranon (largest tributary), Tapajos, Japura, Rio Negro, Putumayo, Ucayali, Purus, Madeira and Xingu

Facts about Amazon River

  • Amazon River almost forms no delta and directly dumps into the ocean.
  • Marajo is the largest Amazon island located at its mouth (with Atlantic coast as well)
  • Amazon River & its rainforest are home of about 30% flora and fauna of the world
  • There are more than 3000 species of fish live in the Amazon River.
  •  Black Caiman is the largest predator in Amazon River
  • Areas with shallow waters of Amazon are the home of world largest snake Anacondas.
  • The famous flesh eating small fish piranha that attacks in groups are found in Amazon River as well, apart from Orinoco River and the Parana River.
  • Arapaima (10 feet) is the largest fish in Amazon river.
  • It is one of the main habitats of world largest dolphin, Boto.

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