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All About MBBS in Germany-Guide For Pakistani Students

If you are making this decision that you want to complete your MBBS degree from German medical colleges then it is a wise decision. Almost all medical colleges of Germany provide ample and immense opportunities to its medical students. Wide and too highly specialized opportunities are given by these medical colleges. Pakistani students should be completing their MBBS from Germany because here they will see international standard of education. No doubt German medical colleges are ranked on top positions. They offer student friendly syllabus and curriculum to their students. Their infrastructure is student friendly as well. They have experienced staff in their campuses which are ready to help students all the time in their curriculum.
Top Reasons to do MBBS in Germany
Pakistani students should head their journey and complete their MBBS from German medical colleges because their medical industry is tremendously growing. Their health care department  and field of medicine is extensively growing and expanding.
Students will be studying for 6 years. 2 years will be pre clinical years. 3 years will be spend as clinical years and one year will be the practise year. This 6 year MBBS program will make you qualified to become an assistant doctor.
Medical colleges of Germany always focus on the promotion and betterment of health and this is what they teach to their students. Their offered courses emphasize on determinants of health, public health, health communication and health education. Medical colleges of Germany offer extensive course work to their students. Their courses cover issues like ethics of public health, philosophy of public health.
Faculty of German medical colleges believe that highly skilled knowledge and highly skilled procedures should be imparted and given to students. If you will complete your medicine degree from German medical college then you will be qualified as a successful and reputed practitioner.
 All About MBBS in Germany-Guide For Pakistani Students
Important Documents Required to Get Study Visa of Germany
If students from Pakistan are applying for study visa of Germany and they want to admit in medical colleges of Germany then following documents will be required from them:
You should have attested copies of your marksheet. All your previous degrees and marksheets should be attested. They should be attested by senior education commission officer.
  • You should attach copies of your photograph with your documents.
  • Valid passport
  • Attach letters of recommendation.
  • Do attach statement of purpose
  • Attach also bank statement. Embassy will require bank statement copy of yours for the last 6 months. This bank statement will make your application and case stronger. Through bank statement, embassy will know that whether you can bear the expenses, fees, hostel dues of your medical college or not.
If students from Pakistan think that their country MBBS education is not up to mark then they can admit in medical colleges of Germany. It is a big degree. Do not play with your degree by getting admission in sub-standard medical college. Search for well reputed medical colleges. Among abroad universities, German medical colleges have world wide satisfactory repute.



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