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All About MBBS in Bangladesh Guide For Pakistani Students

Let us discuss about the guide and details of doing MBBS in Bangladesh. Their medical colleges charge low fees for their medicine study. Their medical programs offer lowest price packages to foreign and local students. To become a successful doctor, one can enroll his self in the medical colleges of Bangladesh. They offer standard curriculum to their students and their degree programs are globally recognized. They have flexible payment system. Affordable tuition fees is paid by students. While doing your medical practise, you will also get monthly salary from affiliated hospitals of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is at a near distance with Pakistan. Students can travel this short distance from Pakistan to Bangladesh easily. MCI medical council, WHO and also NMC and BMDC have recognized all medical colleges of this country. All world known medical councils have approved courses and subjects which are taught and offered in Bangladesh medical colleges. Easy admission process and easy procedure of visa is offered by this country. Classes are commenced in English medium. Under SAARC quota, their medical colleges offer scholarships to foreign and international students too.
Why Pakistani Students Prefer to Study From Medical Colleges of Bangladesh?
Bangladesh medical college entrance test exam is only for their local students. This entrance examination is usually conducted right at the national level. On other hand, all private medical colleges which are in Bangladesh, they process their own entrance exam.
Their MBBS program is of 5 tears. Their MBBS course span duration is only 5 years. During these 5 years, students cover the stages like pre-clinical stage, clinical stage. In their medical colleges, the medium of instruction is only English. Their academic year usually begin and start in the month of January. All well known medical colleges of this country have been perceived, acknowledged and accredited by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. These medical colleges have authorization from recognized organizations and councils of this world.
All About MBBS in Bangladesh Guide For Pakistani Students 
On a per year basis, about 2000 to 2250 hours are studied by students. Their medical colleges have most advanced classrooms and well equipped assembly halls. They have advanced dissection rooms and research center and also doctor’s facilities.
Regarding the qualification criteria, you should accomplish and complete your higher secondary exam in the subjects of Biology, Physics and too Chemistry. They are one of the mainstream subjects to get admission in medical college of Bangladesh.
MBBS Program Module in Medical Colleges of Bangladesh
Their MBBS program covers educational modules first in the initial years. These modules are linked with lectures and critical thinking. Case studies are given to students in initial years of their MBBS program.
In their last 3 years, students will be spending 150 weeks on patients. There is no requirement of entry test for the global students. Suppose you are from Pakistan, that means you does not have to compete for their selection test. You will be selected on your 12th class marks.
Websites of different medical colleges of Bangladesh has also updated information on their portal regarding their MBBS admissions.



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