s All About Insurance in Urdu For Pakistani People
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All About Insurance in Urdu For Pakistani People

If you want to buy a insurance policy in of any kind in Pakistan then now you are at the right page as we have given the basic information in Urdu language about all kinds of insurance policies. Insurance has become the necessity of all types of businesses.  Home, car, farmers, travel and life insurances are very popular among the masses. Insurance companies hire very talented legal advisors to deceive the common people. Fortunately now securities and exchange commission of Pakistan has issued the precautionary directions in Urdu language for all those people who want to buy any kind of insurance policy in Pakistan, We have published the official ad by Pakistan government for Pakistani people below this post. All of you must read the ad carefully. Try to follow the each and every given instruction for 100% secured deal with insurance companies of Pakistan. 
Insurance Tips & Tricks in Urdu For Pakistani People

All About Insurance in Urdu For Pakistani People

You must also read the instructions given on the back of your insurance policy form. Insurance companies of Pakistan are at launching pad as people in Pakistan are now taking great interest n securing their future. Now people are investing more in insurance companies than in saving schemes.
Important Points (Pros & Cons)  
1-Insurance provides us confidence to invest more money in local market.
2-Many Muslim scholars have given their fatwas in favor of insurance companies and policies.
3-Fundamentalist Muslims like me just rely on Almighty Allah. They are also against usury or bank profit.
4-Pakistani government has established the institution of Insurance ombudsman to facilitate the policy buyers. Here any one can file complaint individually without hiring any lawyer. Still companies win majority of cases in the court of ombudsman too, just because of ignorance of policy buyers. You people must follow the given instructions before buying any insurance policy.
5-If your satisfied mentally then you must buy the insurance policy as per your need and income.
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