Admission 2018 in Free PSDF Courses with Stipend

Admission 2018 in Free PSDF Courses with Stipend

Admission 2018 in Free PSDF Courses with Stipend

Here we have news for you about admission 2018 in free PSDF courses with stipend. This PSDF stands for Punjab skills development fund. This is a free technical training program and you can apply in it. If you are 18 or more years older then you can apply in these free PSDF courses. Free admission will be given and stipend will be provided too.

Training Centres Linked With PSDF

You have to note down that these are the list of institutes and training centres which are part of PSDF. This organization is extremely working in great note because it offers free training and free technical education to its students. Grate Jinnah college of technology, Allama Iqbal polytech institute, Al Kousar welfare organization, Cholistan institute of technical education, Caravan craft foundation, Millat college of commerce, Rawalpindi polytech institute, Pak polytech institute Chiniot- all of these training centres are part of PSDF.


"Admission 2018 in Free PSDF Courses with Stipend"

Then these institutes are also affiliated with PSDF, Science institute of technology, Arshad institute of technology, Caravan crafts foundation, Swedish group of technical institute, Israr university, Sena institute of network.
You can take admission in these institutes too, Applied technologies institute, Punjab polytech institute Jhang, Allama Iqbal polytech institute Jhang, National polytech institute, College for skills development, Institute of engineering and technology, Lahore college of technology and management, Pakistan institute of emerging sciences, STEP institute of art and design
Then we have Ali college of technology, Jinnah polytech institute, Millat college of commerce Lodhran, NFC institute of engineering and technology, SOS childrens village of Pakistan, The city college of technology Multan, all of these centres are part of Punjab skills development fund firm.
From here, more details will come regarding admission 2018 in free PSDF courses with stipend.

Courses Offered in PSDF

  • Readers should be noting down these are the list of courses and technical course programs which are offered by PSDF. Above we have mentioned the names of training centres and now we will mention list of courses. You can be in the course linked with the electrician, material technician, domestic tailoring.
  • You can be in the level 2 course of designing and crafting, civil draftsman, civil surveyor, electronics equipment repair.
  • You can learn the course which is about turner, welder, fitter general, electrician, solar photovoltaic training
  • Then programmable logic control course, pipe and general fitter, safety inspector, village veterinary worker, all these courses are offered here in PSDF.
  • Students can learn the course which is about fertilizer plant operator, instrument technician.
Readers should stay tuned and further details about admission 2018 in free PSDF courses with stipend will come up. Academic training is important, but technical know-how is important as well. Only through these training centres and by getting linked with Punjab skills development fund for once, you will know the technical aspect and practical use of these courses. This page will give more info on Punjab skills development fund firm so stay tuned.


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