How To Clear CSS, PMS, NTS, ETEA or PCS Exams/Tests? 20 Tips

How To Clear CSS, PMS, NTS, ETEA or PCS Exams/Tests? 20 Tips

20 Golden Tips About How To Clear CCS, PMS, NTS, ETEA or PCS Exams/Tests? 

Today we shall share 20 golden tips with you about clearing the CSS, PMS, PCS, ETEA and NTS exams/tests. These tips will be very helpful for you in all other recruitment tests. Besides these tips, you should consult these onlinee quizzes on various  topics to get better prepared 
  1. Try to improve your creative writing ability as its the first key to success in CSS, PMS, PCS, ETEA and NTS exams/tests
  2. Your general knowledge should be excellent, so read quality general knowledge books published by some famous publisher and written by some authentic writer. We shall also provide you the facility of online preparation of all these tests/exams very soon. 
  3. Your English grammar and vocabulary should also be excellent as all competitive exams are taken in in English in Pakistan.
  4. Practice makes a man perfect so get past papers and try to solve as much previous papers as you can. This will help you a lot in familiarizing the paper pattern and format.
  5. First prepare the announced syllabus only. Consult the recommended books first. For general knowledge, we shall suggest you to buy the book who is who and what is what. 
  6. Prepare short and long-term strategies for your preparation of CSS, PMS and PCS exams.
  7. Make an appropriate timetable and follow it strictly.
  8. Take keen interest in current affairs and read daily newspapers and current affairs magazines.
  9. You must have an internet connection at home as nobody can by all newspapers and necessary exam preparation books but all such sources are available free of cost on the internet.  
  10. Try to improve your both EQ and IQ levels.


Tips to Cleat CSS, PCS Exams

'How To Clear CCS, PMS, NTS, ETEA or PCS Exams/Tests? 20 Tips' 

Be Prepared using online quizzes all topics

  1. Don't buy too many books for preparation of CSS, PMS, PCS, NTS or ETEA exam at once. Select the necessary recommended books very carefully and prepare them first before buying any additional book. 
  2. Try to develop self-study habit as at this stage of your educational career you should not need regular preparation classes. You can learn nothing in a class of above 100 students. Ya, but you can join test sessions in academies. 
  3. Try to apply for maximum posts after sufficient preparation. You have right to run after any specific post but during you struggle you must apply for maximum related posts too. In case of success accept the offered post as experienced government servants are preferred in all departments of government.  
  4. Also try to improve your analytical reasoning, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning skills. 
  5. Majority of students fail in different recruitment test due to starting their preparation after the announcement of any post. Its not a right strategy at all, so avoid such mistake.   
  6. Never underestimate your self-worth. Always have belief on your God-gifted abilities. Patients of inferiority complex must use the self-suggestion and visualization techniques for improving their confidence. Many academically excellent students fail in an interview and psychological test due to their underrating their own selves, so avoid this fatal mistake and try to overcome your complexes.   
  7. You can take calculated risks in MCQ type questions.
  8. Much watch English news channels. Read English newspapers and books. Even at the time of recreation view English movies. 
  9. Take part in quiz competitions in your educational institutes and even write knowledge-based unique articles for newspapers, journals and websites. This practice will boost your confidence and knowledge. 
  10. Always remain in winning state of mind especially at the time of exam and interview. Last but not least stay in touch with and its facebook page for guidance about the preparation of CSS. PMS. PCS, NTS and ETEA tests/exams. We welcome queries from our readers about the preparation of CCS, PMS, NTS, ETEA or PCS Exams/Tests. Our quick response team will try their level best to guide you individually. We wish you best of luck for your future career. 

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